Disney World Discount Tickets

As you start to plan the most magical vacation to Disney World, you might find yourself thinking, wow that's a lot of money for one vacation. And just like the rest of us, you start to research where to buy Disney World discount tickets. With the internet being filled with scams and clickbait, stick to… Continue reading Disney World Discount Tickets


Animal Kingdom Lodge and Villas

For a while now I've wanted to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It would be hard to find a review of the best Disney World resorts and not see this one in the top 3. Due to the pandemic, the Animal Kingdom Lodge area was actually closed along with most of their dining options.… Continue reading Animal Kingdom Lodge and Villas


Our Favorite Snacks

We did a lot of snacking this last trip to Disney World mainly because the Disney Dining Plan has been removed during the pandemic. I wanted to put a list together so you can see what we actually packed in with us this time around and how our Amazon Fresh order went. If you don't… Continue reading Our Favorite Snacks


The Ultimate Toddler and Baby Disney World Packing List

Disney World

Romantic Disney World restaurants

The Most Romantic Restaurants At Disney World

Whether you are traveling to Disney World during Valentine's Day, an Anniversary, or a Honeymoon, you will want to experience the best food and most romantic atmosphere possible. All of these occasions are something to be celebrated, as they are all a reminder of how much you love being with each other. It's time to… Continue reading The Most Romantic Restaurants At Disney World


How To Beat The Heat At Disney World!

Hey there! I have done an extensive list of must-have items that you can find here. But I thought I would make a quick list of must-have items that you need to beat the heat in Florida. 1. Pack a misting fan or water bottle Here are a few ideas to take a look at.… Continue reading How To Beat The Heat At Disney World!


Why We Shop For Disney Merchandise At Hot Topic

So lately I've had a lot of people asking where I get all of my cute Disney gear and I will tell you, it's a place you least expect... Hot Topic! Hot Topic has the quality and price that everyone wants and needs in their life right now. Not only do they carry Loungefly backpacks… Continue reading Why We Shop For Disney Merchandise At Hot Topic


Thanksgiving At Disney World

To my surprise, Disney World does not have a Thanksgiving dinner like Disneyland does. Disneyland has made this a special event, tickets must be purchased before hand and often sale out! Don't worry, if you decide to head to Disney World over Thanksgiving there are plenty of restaurants that you can enjoy a Thanksgiving like… Continue reading Thanksgiving At Disney World


Biggest Mistakes To Avoid At Disney World

Planning a trip to Disney World can not only be expensive but also completely overwhelming! We've put together a list of things to avoid while at Disney World so you can just sit back and enjoy your family vacation. Avoid These Major Mistakes: Forgetting Sun Screen Florida is extremely hot and humid during the summer… Continue reading Biggest Mistakes To Avoid At Disney World


Disney World During COVID-19 Pandemic

We recently visited Disney World last month and I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what we experienced while we were there. Overall everything in the parks seem really good. There were things that we were impressed by and areas that we believe need some work. I will take a quick… Continue reading Disney World During COVID-19 Pandemic