How To Pin Trade At Disney Parks

Pin Trading at Disney has now become the thing for kids to do. In this short article, I will go over how to Pin trade at Disney parks and how to save money on Pins!


What you need to know:

There are some serious pin traders out there if you are one of them… I apologize, you may not like my advice.

You can buy some seriously cheap pins on Amazon. These most likely are what the serious pinners call, fakes. They are just cheap pins that are not manufactured by Disney.

This is a super fun activity for kids to meet new people and learn how to wheel and deal some might say! To my kids, it doesn’t really matter if they are trading up or down… They just want what they want!

I would explain to your little ones that some of the other pin traders might say no to trading you, at that’s okay! There are plenty of other people that will. Most serious pin traders can spot a fake and will simply just say no or I’m not interested in trading. I usually let them know how beautiful their pin collection is and we are on your way! You are not obligated to trade and neither is any one else! So keep those favorite pins of yours!!


How we trade pins:

What I normally do before we leave, is I hop on Amazon to purchase a bag of 20-25 for somewhere around $25.00. We call these our trading pins.

When we get to the park, I allow them to pick out a pin or pin pack from Disney and these are our keep pins.

When you go to Disney you will realize how expensive the pins are when you get there. In order to trade pins, you have to have pins. It is a natural reaction for kids to pick out pins of their favorite characters and want to keep them. This will make the pin trading a lot longer and cause your child to have some anxiety. This is why we separate the two-pin piles. Keep pins and trade pins.

We did get some pins in our pack that I personally wanted to keep, usually the Mickey or Minnie pins, so I set those aside for myself.


How to pin trade at Disney Parks:

This is the easy part! You simply go up to a cast member or someone who is wearing a lanyard and asks them if they would like to trade. The cast members are really good about doing trades because they just want happy kids and really don’t mind trading any pin they have. If you are looking to trade with a random person, they may say no. Perhaps their collection is complete or you just don’t have anything they want. In that case, you just move on.

There will also be some people inside the park and usually at Down Town Disney or Disney Springs that have a large number of pins willing to trade.


What to do if a pin is lost:

My kids have lost a couple of pins in the park, so I recommend buying some locking pin backs from amazon. Believe me, it does not matter if your child is 3 years old or 13 years old they will be upset when they lose one of their favorite pins. Also, it doesn’t feel super awesome when you spend $13-$20 on a pin for it to fall off their lanyard. There is a lost and found and most of the rides have an area where they keep lost pins. This is assuming someone is nice enough to turn it in.


What you will need:

Trading pins– You can purchase these from Amazon.com, ShopDisney.com or at the parks.

Lanyards- To hold your pins.

Pin Backs- Disneys pin backs do not lock, making it easy to loose pins.

And last but not least!

This is just a great way to enjoy Disney and it also encourages them to socialize with others. Enjoy this time with your kids as much as you can! They are having a blast trading pins, try to relax and just let them go wild with pin trading!

What do you think about pin trading? Is it something you love or wish would go away? Let us know your thoughts on pin trading and how to Pin trade at Disney parks your way!

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