Grand Reopening of Disneylands Toontown

Disneylands Toontown has finally reopened after a year of being closed and a 10-day delayed opening. This vibrant land debuted 30 years ago to guests with interactive areas throughout and several rides for the little ones. Toontown is also where Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daise Duck, Donald and Goofy call home! If you are looking… Continue reading Grand Reopening of Disneylands Toontown


Disney100 Celebration at Disneyland

Hey everyone, we had the pleasure of going to Disneyland on the opening day for the Disney100 celebration and we were able to experience the new ride Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railroad. In this post we will go over everything that we experienced while we were there and what you can expect if you decide… Continue reading Disney100 Celebration at Disneyland


Disneyland’s New Magic Key Program Replaces Annual Passes

The new Annual Pass, The Magic Key has finally been released and is promised to deliver more choices, flexibility, and value for park admission, special access to unique experiences, valuable saving opportunities, and more. There will be four options of Magic Key passes, to provide guests and their families with choices that fit various needs… Continue reading Disneyland’s New Magic Key Program Replaces Annual Passes


The NEW Avengers Campus

It's good to be back at Disneyland and California Adventure! After nearly 18 months of being away, it seemed like we would never return. With all that closure time, Disney was able to finish up the construction on the new Avengers Campus. And to our surprise, they opened it early to California residents only. Yes,… Continue reading The NEW Avengers Campus


Items To Buy Before Your Next Trip To Disneyland

Hey guys! I was just thinking about my last trip to Disneyland, and I decided to put together a packing list that I think you will enjoy and will also save you a ton of money. First off, this list has come to me by trial and error... Some things I have dropped off my… Continue reading Items To Buy Before Your Next Trip To Disneyland


6 Unique Experiences Only At Disneyland

These 6 attractions can not be found at any other Disney park in the world.


Why We Shop For Disney Merchandise At Hot Topic

So lately I've had a lot of people asking where I get all of my cute Disney gear and I will tell you, it's a place you least expect... Hot Topic! Hot Topic has the quality and price that everyone wants and needs in their life right now. Not only do they carry Loungefly backpacks… Continue reading Why We Shop For Disney Merchandise At Hot Topic


Mask Review For Disney Parks During COVID-19

So the topic of the year seems to be COVID-19 and what masks to where at the Disney parks. There's no doubt that this illness has changed our lives in one way or another. In most states, face masks are now required to enter most businesses, Disney World and Disney shopping included. I was able… Continue reading Mask Review For Disney Parks During COVID-19


Anaheim’s Star Wars celebration 2020

We've noticed that a lot of additional celebrations and events are being cancelled left and right! The 2020 Star Wars Celebration is now one of them. I'm really bummed to hear this event has been cancelled, its such a shame. Here is the current info that is listed on starwarscelebration.com To our Star Wars celebration… Continue reading Anaheim’s Star Wars celebration 2020


Disneyland Is Finally Reopening!

Hey, there fellow Disney lovers! Disneyland is finally reopening or at least they have proposed plans for reopening very soon!     Say it with me... FINALLY!     As of right now, Down Town Disney district will begin reopening on July-9th in line with the state‚Äôs reopening guidelines.     These new guidelines will… Continue reading Disneyland Is Finally Reopening!