Disneyland Is Finally Reopening!

Hey, there fellow Disney lovers! Disneyland is finally reopening or at least they have proposed plans for reopening very soon!



Say it with me… FINALLY!



As of right now, Down Town Disney district will begin reopening on July-9th in line with the state’s reopening guidelines.



These new guidelines will allow shopping and dining experiences, including the flagship World of Disney store to reopen. With the health of guests and Disney cast members at the forefront of planning, several operational changes will be implemented based on guidance from health authorities to promote physical distancing and cleanliness throughout the Downtown Disney District.



Pending state and local government approvals, Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure are both planning to reopen on July 17th.


However, Disney’s Grand Californian and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel and Resorts will remain closed but do plan to reopen at a later date on July 23rd.

UPDATE: June 25th

Disneyland will not be opening as scheduled on July 17th. Californias local government officials have now indicated that it will not issue theme park reopening guidelines until sometime after July 4th.

Disney will now not have the required time to bring back their thousands of cast members and crew to restart the business. They are now given no choice but to delay the reopening of their theme parks and resort hotels until they receive the approval in the next week or so.

Once they do have a clear understanding of when guidelines will be released, they expect to be able to communicate the new reopening dates shortly thereafter.

Down Town Disney will Still reopen as planned on July 9th.



Once Disneyland does reopen certain park and hotel restaurants, attractions, experiences, and other various offerings will be modified or unavailable.



There will also be limited capacity guidelines to meet and Disney will be subject to limited availability for park admissions.



Admissions are not guaranteed. Disney has also updated its website with its new inherent risk of exposure COVID-19 policy for you to view. Please understand that this policy is there as a precaution and you should definitely read over it, just to make sure that it’s something that you agree upon.


So Why Reopen July 17th?



Well, this a landmark date for Disneyland because it is also their 65th anniversary. Disneyland opened back in 1955 on July 17th so this is extremely important to them reopen on the same date.



What Safety Measures Will They Put In?



It looks like Disney will be putting in several different enhanced health, safety and protective measures including:

 -Requiring both cast members and guests to wear face coverings the entire time. Ages 2 years old and up. The only time your mask can be removed is to go swimming, dining, or while in a mask free safe zone. (This has not been confirmed yet)


-There will also be additional hand washing stations and physical barriers where it’s appropriate.

-Physical distancing will be encouraged, which will reduce the theme park capacity to enable at least 6 feet of physical distancing while in line and throughout the parks. Disney will add appropriate signs to help guess move responsibly throughout the parks.  

-Temperature checks will take place for all guests, they will undergo temperature screenings prior to entering Downtown Disney district.

-And for the theme parks, cast members will undergo health screenings and temperature checks daily.



-Disney also recommends using cashless transactions, which will limit contact. They recommend just using a card or some kind of mobile ordering through the Disneyland app or Apple pay. This will eliminate the need for cast members or guests to handle cash.



-Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing throughout the parks. So this is going to be high-touch areas that you’ll see such as railings, park benches, things that people really constantly touch, staff members will be there to wipe it down quite frequently. 

-Something also new that it’s going to take place upon reopening is the new Park Reservation System. I’m not really sure how this is going to go, BUT if its anything like Disney Worlds’ reservation system, plan on waiting hours to reserve your spot! (There were many failed attempts, error messages, and guests who could not log in. The system was jammed.)



I really assumed this was going to be much like the Universal Studios Orlando’s reservation system, where you actually pick a date and time as to when you’re going to enter the park. This makes it so that the park entrance is not so congested and will let several guests through at a time without having to worry about social distancing. However, I did hear that they had quite a few system issues their first day as well. 


So upon opening approval this reservation system will make it so Disney is able to keep track of exactly how many guests are walking through their gates Daily.

Disney’s Official Release On The New Reservation System:

Park Reservations: Because theme park capacity will be significantly limited to comply with governmental requirements and promote physical distancing, we will manage attendance through a new theme park reservation system that will require all Guests, including Annual Pass holders, to obtain a reservation for park entry in advance. Theme park reservations will be subject to availability. More details about this new reservation system will be available soon.



Ticket Sales At This Time Have Been Temporarily Paused



Disney is not going to be allowing any new ticket sales or annual passport sales or renewals at this time.



Everything has just been put on a complete pause right now! I did double-check our favorite discount ticket website Undercovertourist.com and it looks like they have paused all new sales as well.

Disney’s Official Release:

If you were planning to visit the Disneyland Resort theme parks before the parks were closed, but you already purchased your tickets. You will have the following options to visit the parks. 

-Unused single day tickets and wholly unused multi-day tickets are valid for future visits through the end of their respective validity period. Check your individual tickets for details.

-If you purchase a promotional Southern California resident ticket, the expiration date will be extended through December 16th, 2021. Tickets may be used on nonconsecutive days. Blockouts days of November 21st through November 28th, 2020; December 19th through January 10th, 2021; March 21st through April 11th; July 4th; November 20th through November 27th, 2021 apply.

-If you purchased a promotional child ticket and have not used it, the expiration date will be extended through December 16th, 2021 and the ticket will expire 13 days after its first use or December 16th, 2021, whichever occurs first. 

Guests who use their first visit between February 28th and March 13th, but did not reach their tickets maximum number of uses will have the 13 expiration of the promotional ticket extended to December 16th of 2021. Blackout days of December 19th, 2020 through January 4th, 2021; March 26th through April 11th; July 4th; and November 20th through 27th 2021.

-If you purchase a promotional Canada resident discount or Australia/New Zealand resident ticket, and if not used it, the expiration date will be extended through December 16th, 2021 and the ticket will expire 13 days after the first use or on December 16th, 2021. Whichever occurs first guess who made their first visit between February 28th and March 13th, but did not reach their tickets maximum number of uses will have the 13 expiration of the promotional ticket extended to December 16th of 2021. 

-There are no changes to the military salute ticket offer tickets that may be used on non-consecutive days and will expire on December 18th, 2020.-Ticket orders will not be shipped during the closure. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to Disney. 714-781-4636 

Disney’s Official Release On Annual Passports:

If you are an annual pass holder who has paid in full all active Disneyland Resort annual pass holders have paid for their passports in full will automatically have their passport expiration date extended due to the theme park closures to provide additional access opportunities at the end of the passport turn.

The new expiration date will be reflected on the annual pass holder’s passport account prior to the reopening of the Parks.

As an alternative, and in lieu of an extension of their passports pass holders who have paid in full may choose to receive a partial refund for the theme park closure. 

To request this alternative option. We ask you to contact our annual passport member services at 714-781-4567.

We do anticipate heavy call volumes and appreciate your patience as we answer all inquiries. 

If you are a pass holder on a monthly payment plan on April 5th, 2020 we automatically stopped and we will waive monthly payments due while the theme parks are closed.

We will also retroactively refund payments made between March 14th through April 4th, 2020. Payments will resume on pass holders regularly scheduled payment dates, once the parks reopen.

Please note passport expiration dates will not be extended on the passport and will expire upon their original scheduled expiration dates.

As an alternative, guests who are paying for Disneyland annual passports using our monthly payment program may choose to have their monthly payments postponed starting with payments due April 5th through the park closure. And then resumed on the pass holders regular scheduled payment date, once the parks reopen postpone payments will be collected in the month following the end of the pass holders currently scheduled payment term.

The passport expiration date will be extended due to the theme park closer to provide additional access opportunities at the end of the passport term.

The new expiration date will be reflected on the annual pass holders passport account prior to reopening of the theme parks.

To request this alternative option we ask you to again contact the annual passport member services.

We do anticipate a heavy call volume and appreciate your patience as we answer all inquiries. Our annual pass holders are some of our most loyal guests and we stand ready to help during this incredibly uncertain time. If you do have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the annual pass holder member services.

Disney’s Hotels and Resorts

Hotels at the Disneyland Resort as of right now look like those are closed to all guests and members until July 23rd as proposed.



As far as the Disneyland Resorts,  they plan to support the social and physical distancing there as well and increase cleaning measures along with a number of health and safety protocols that will be implemented as part of the phased reopening.

Disney’s Official Release For Hotel Only Guests:

Disneyland Resort will work with guests who have Disneyland Resort hotel room reservations that may be impacted by our temporary closure.

To provide additional flexibility we are waiving Disney-imposed change and cancellation fees up to the day of check-in for reservations with arrivals through July 22nd, 2020.

If you are unable to reach us before your check-in date, you will not be penalized or assessed fees for modifying or canceling your Disneyland Resort hotel room reservation after your check-in date.  

Please call Disney at 714-520-5050 for assistance in modifying your visit.

Disney’s Official Release For Disney Vacation Packages:

 To provide additional flexibility. We are waiving Disney-imposed fees and cancellation fees up to the day of check-in for Walt Disney Travel company packages with arrivals through July 22nd, 2020. 

If you are unable to reach us before your check-in. You will not be penalized or assessed fees for modifying or canceling your Disneyland vacation package after your second date.  

Please call 714-520-5050 for assistance, please note that some packaged components are nonrefundable and subject to third-party operator cancellation policies. 

We anticipate heavy call volume at this time, and we appreciate your patience.

Guests should work directly with any third-party operators they used to book any parts of their vacation including airline, rental car agencies, or non-Disney hotels.



Dining Reservations and Experiences

Restaurant reservations have been canceled at this time, if Disneyland follows Disney World footsteps we may see those stay closed expect for mobile ordering. Upon the reopening of Downtown Disney, we should see those restaurants reopen with online reservations only.



(Restaurants in other locations may be limited to capacity and subject to restricted availability and even closed based on the guidance from Health experts and government officials.)



So just depending on what is approved as far as capacity goes, that’s going to depend on what opens up.

I know with some restaurants such as the Blue Bayou, they maybe have a total of 20 tables in there right now. The tables sit very close together so we’re expecting they will need to remove at least half of those tables to meet guidelines.

But then again, you have to also take into consideration that there’s a ride going through that actual restaurant as well. I’m not really expecting this restaurant to open back up during the first portion of this phased reopening. 

Disney’s Official Release states:

During the temporary closure of Disneyland Resort, guests may cancel their reservations at any time and receive a full refund for the below experiences.

If the reservations are scheduled for a date while the theme parks are closed:


-Disney Princess Breakfast

-Savi’s Workshop-Hand Built lightsabers

-Droid Depot

-Disneyland Resort VIP Tours

-Bibbity Bobbity Boutique  

If your reservation is scheduled for a date while the theme parks are closed, you will not be charged. You will not be charged a fee and you will automatically receive a refund if you do not cancel.  

Disney does say over and over on their website that certain experiences such as parades, large group gatherings, nighttime spectaculars, and character meet-and-greets will all temporarily be unavailable.  

So if you are a guest that is bringing small children who are really excited to meet their favorite characters or Disney princesses, I would not recommend coming at this time. 


Not only are they not providing discounts for experiencing only half of the things that Disney has to offer. It just doesn’t seem like it wouldn’t be that great of an experience for younger children who haven’t been there before.

This is a very expensive trip and would hate for an one you to lose any of the magic, I just feel like for the younger kids it might be worth it to wait a little longer.



However, if you are traveling with teenagers who really aren’t that big into character experiences and don’t really care about parades or fireworks. This might actually be a great time to take them, just because we could see lines and attractions have shorter wait times due to the low capacity that they’re allowing into the parks.

Just keep In mind, you will most like not have park hopper passes during this first phase which makes things just a little less fun.

In my opinion, I do have 2 teens and they really can’t spend a full day over at California Adventure. They just don’t have that many attractions geared towards their age group that will keep them busy all day.



If Disneyland follows in Disney Worlds’ footsteps, we may see Fastpasses disappear for the rest of 2020.

What About Special Events?

As of right now all special events appear to be cancelled. However, they have not released any information in regards to Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween. Though, we did see our Disney World Halloween party tickets get canceled.

Disney’s Official Release on Special Events and Groups

 Disneyland After Dark Star Wars night will not take place as planned on August 27th, 2020. We are working on rescheduling options and hope to have more to share at a later date.  If you’ve purchased a ticket for the Disneyland After Dark Star Wars night event, you will automatically be eligible for the rescheduled event option as an alternative.   

Guests who no longer wish to use their current Disneyland After Dark Star Wars night event tickets please call 714-781-4636 for assistance.  

For more information on the Star Wars Celebration, we’ve added their disclosure here.

Disneyland After Dark Villains Night did not take place as planned April 30th, 2020. We are working on rescheduling options and hope to have more to share soon.  A current ticket for Disneyland After Dark Villains Night event would automatically be eligible for the reschedule of the event option as an alternative. 

Guests who no longer wish to hold their current Disneyland After Dark Villains Night event ticket may call 714-781-4636 for assistance.  

As for Group Travel, if you’re coming to Disneyland Resort as part of a meeting convention, youth program, wedding, or other group or celebration and you have questions about your plans during the closure. Please consult with your organizer or your group event organizer. 


What About Parking?

You may see in the parking garages one parking spot per every two empty spots or every other parking spot empty. 



It doesn’t seem like I’ve ever pulled into a parking spot and felt like I am in someone else’s 6-foot bubble, but apparently, they think that’s something that’s needed.


I am again reminding you that Disney does have a COVID-19 warning posted on their website for you to go on and take a look at. They have recommended that all senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions that are especially vulnerable are at high risk and should perhaps stay home this time.



So, please keep that in mind when you’re trying to plan your Disneyland vacation. Disney wants all of their guests and employees to feel safe during this pandemic. 

Disney’s COVID-19 Official Disclaimer

 We have taken enhanced health and safety measures—for you, our other guests and Cast Members—and we ask that you follow all posted instructions while visiting the Disneyland Resort.

However, an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 currently exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and Guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.By visiting the Disneyland Resort, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Lets Talk Masks

With all of Disney’s parks beginning to release their phased reopening plans, we have noticed that all of them so far are requiring guests and cast members to wear masks the whole time. 

There is currently nothing on Disneyland’s website stating that they are going to require masks, but this is highly likely.

I’m currently doing some experiments with different masks hoping to find some that maybe aren’t so hot to wear out in the heat. So after I do some experiments I’ll get back to you guys and do an article on that as well.


I’m really leaning towards disposable one for a couple of different reasons and I will cover that here in our follow up article.

I know that Disneyland and Disney World have climates that are very different, so we will definitely keep that in consideration when we’re doing the reviews on those.


Whats New?!

As of right now, I check in on Disneyland’s website daily and as stated above, Disney’s reopening is now at a halt pending the government approval on July 4th.



I do think that it is going to get approved on July 4th, however, I also think with California’s governor they will limit the park’s capacity by A LOT. I don’t really see that they’re going to have a problem opening back up even with positive COVID-19 results skyrocketing.

There are some locals that are sending around a petition to sign to keep it closed, but I also don’t really see that as hindering with the reopening dates.  


I did however receive the following email from Disneyland today 6/18, it does look as though they will be moving forward with the proposed reopening date. I received another email for pass holders pretty much stating the same thing. I have yet to receive an update via email regarding the reopening delay.





So as you can tell we are getting really excited for things to start opening back up.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for life to get back to as normal as we possibly can while still staying safe! I’m SO ready for 2020 to just be OVER! Am i right?!

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What’s your thoughts on Disneyland reopening and their proposal plans? Do you think they will open as scheduled or do you think the reopening will get postponed? Let us know what you think!



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