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12 Awesome Disneyland Tips!

Hey guys! I thought I would put together a quick list of the best Disneyland tips for you!

Be An Early Bird

Arrive to the park early for a couple of reasons:

1. The parking garage is packed, and there will be a long wait just to park. 

2. Parking security lines will be long

3. Shuttle to the park lines will also be long

4. Then you will get to the main gate and.. Those lines will be long too!

For these reasons, I recommend leaving your hotel on the early side. Give yourself about an hour and a half before the park actually opens. This will get you in a decent spot for rope drop!

Purchase Parking In Advance

You can purchase parking in advance so all you have to do is hand the parking attendant your ticket and you are on your way!

Keep in mind, there is not a separate entrance to the parking garage for those that prepay. Although, I think there should be!

Again, give yourself plenty of time in the morning to get through the parking garage line, park, security, hopping on the shuttle and getting in line to the entrance.

Stay Within Walking Distance

Try staying at a hotel within walking distance or with the ART shuttle. This will make it so you do not have to wait in line at the parking garage. There are a lot of hotels within this area that are close to the park entrance, some are actually closer than Disney’s on-site resorts.

I like to hop on to Hotels.com and narrow down my search to hotels within a 1-mile walking distance, have free parking and a continental breakfast! This usually covers all of my bases when we are traveling with the kids!

Open All Zippers And Compartments On Bags

I say this to make the security lines go faster! Don’t be that one person that has 5 million zippers on their bag, and we now have to wait for you to open each one for security. BE READY PLEASE!

Purchase Discount Tickets

My personal motto is, never pay full price! Even my kids will tell you this! There are several different authorized discount ticket dealers.

I have put together a full list of them for you so you can take a look and choose which agency is the best fit for you.

There are a lot of fakes out there, so please do NOT purchase from Craigs List, eBay or anywhere else that is not on this list!

Stay Dry

Make sure to add a poncho to your park bag for this very reason! Both Splash Mountain and Grizzly Run are extremely wet rides. I do think you have more of a chance at getting soaked on Grizzly Run over Splash Mountain.

We normally take ponchos in a large ziplock bag and then when we are done with them, we don’t throw them away. I just roll them up the best I can and put them back in the ziplock to keep them from getting everything wet.

This way we can reuse them throughout the day. When then dry them out overnight and I repack them in our park bag the next morning!

You can, of course, buy more than one poncho per person, I just like to travel as light as possible! I Check out these ponchos on Amazon!

Stay Hydrated

All quick-service restaurants have free water, take advantage of this to avoid heatstroke! You may want to think about taking a collapsible water bottle to keep in your bag too.

Bring Snacks!

Yes there are a million different amazing snacks and treats throughout the parks. But guess what, you are stuck in a 45 minute line! Bring something for you and the kids to snack on to keep your energy up and keep all your baby Jack-Jacks from turning hangery.

Need some ideas on what to bring into the parks with you to snack on? Check out my complete list of snacks to get some great ideas!

Don’t Haul Around Your Souvenirs

There are a few places within the park that you can actually take your purchases to with your receipt, and they will send them to the front of the park for safekeeping until you are ready to pick them up.

This eliminates the need to keep your eye on your purchases throughout the day. And will also free up stroller space! I personally hate hauling around anything that does not fit in my mini backpack!

Bring A Battery Charger

Make sure to bring an external battery charger for your phone. There arent too many places where you can plug in to charge.

Disney does have charging stations, for a hefty fee. Please dont miss out on all of those magical moments by not purchasing an external charger before you go!

Check out some of these chargers on Amazon!

Mickeys Mix Magic Nighttime Show

Disney now projects your favorite characters down Main Street, on Sleeping Beauties Castle, The Matterhorn and Its A Small World. This is a fun little show with loud music, dancing and bubbles.

Tips from a pro: I like to watch this at Its A Small World, this way we can stand back away from the crowds and dance and twirl in the bubbles. I admit, there is not a lot more magical than bubbles!!!

World Of Color

Disney has a nighttime show at California Adventure that absolutely can not be missed. If you ask me, this is better than the parades and fireworks combined! But I am also a true Disney fan.

This is a cool water show that they use projections on with lights, your favorite Disney characters, loud music, and bubbles! Oh my!

Yes, it’s spectacular and NO it can’t be missed. I would suggest getting a Fastpass for this so you can get a decent view or purchase a dining show package for premium seating.

Use The Disneyand Mobile App

There are several different things you can do from Disneylands Mobile App:

-Check wait times in both parks

-Order food

-Access park tickets

-Photo passes




-Virtual line queues

-Park hours

I would highly recommend downloading this app because it is truly amazing. For more information on how to use Disneylands Mobile App, check out my article.

This concludes our quick list of the best Disneyland tips! Do you have any additional must know Disneyland tips?! Let us know!

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