Our Favorite Snacks

We did a lot of snacking this last trip to Disney World mainly because the Disney Dining Plan has been removed during the pandemic. I wanted to put a list together so you can see what we actually packed in with us this time around and how our Amazon Fresh order went.

If you don’t have Amazon prime, I would highly recommend waiting until a week or two out from your vacation and sign up for your 30 days free trial. This will allow you to order anything you need before you go with free and fast shipping and also your Amazon Fresh order when you arrive!

Amazon Fresh

This time around we used Amazon Pantry for our delivery services, mainly because they are the cheapest in the area and easy to use.

Amazon allows you to enter your order 2 days before arrival. This is awesome because you can literally make your list and press purchase the day before you leave which means you have one less thing to worry about the day of travel.


  • They have a lot to choose from and pretty much every category available. Meats, dairy, fruit, fresh bakery, bread, drinks, breakfast, snacks… You name it and they most likely have it!

  • Refunds are easy.

  • The purchase process is easy.

  • 2-day pre order time.

  • They have the option of 1-hour delivery.


  • Some of my favorite items were sold out.

  • They aren’t good at substituting items. We ordered peach yogurt, and they substituted it for Greek peach yogurt. YUCK! But don’t worry, getting your money back for items you didn’t receive or items you didn’t want is super easy!

  • If you order alcohol, you have to be at the front desk when Amazon delivers for you to receive it. They will not leave you liquor with the resort. They also will not leave ANY of your items with the resort, so you will have to reschedule your delivery for the next day.

Heres How To Find Amazon Fresh

So to start, log on to Amazon and enter the address of your resort. I tell you to do this so that Amazon Fresh will show up and so you will get the correct pricing and selection. Don’t know the address of your resort? Chat in with Disney on Disneyworld.com and they will provide you with the exact location for deliveries.

Once you have the address listed you can now see Amazon Fresh in the drop-down menu.

What was on our list

Yogurt $.69

When we are at Disney World, breakfast for us is all about grab and go items. If you want to beat the crowds and do rope-drop this might be the way for you to go as well. Not only is Yogurt a fast grab but it’s much better than cereal and will help keep your energy up throughout the day.

Almonds $10.19

Almonds and granola are just nice to have for a boost of energy or top use as a Yogurt topping. I like to have ziplocs with almonds in them to snack on throughout the day.

Cashews $6.39

Cashews like almonds, are good to have as a quick pick-me-up for energy. Small packs of nuts are easy to pack and snack on when you are stuck in line and the kids are getting hangry! There is nothing like a heat exhausted, irritated child…

Vitamin Waters

Packing in a Vitamin Water or Gatorade will help keep your thirst quenched and provide you with electrolytes.

Water Bottles $4.89

Water bottles at Disney are $3.50 a bottle! Why pay that much when you can get a whole case for basically a dollar more!

Mountain Dew $4.99

Bottle of soda in the parks is $4.19 and coke products only! So, if you like Pepsi products as we do, you are out of luck. Also, you can get a 12 pack for not much more than the price of 1 soda at Disney.

Pepsi $4.99

Cheese Sticks $4.87

Cheese Sticks are just a nice snack you can eat on the way to the parks or when you get back to the resort. It’s a fan favorite with the kids.

Lunchables $1.99

Disney’s version of lunchables includes an Uncrustable, Danimal Smoothie, and a small water bottle or milk for $6.19. Kid’s meals will range from $6.50 for a Mac and Cheese meal or around $8.00 for Chicken Strips.

Salads Bowls $3.29

Disney has salads available at most counter service restaurants to grab and go for $8.99-12.99. Their salads are quite a bit larger than these ones, so keep that in mind. I mainly like to keep these in the fridge for after the parks. If you are traveling during the pandemic, parks will close as early as 5:00PM. As much as I love eating resort food, I really don’t like eating at the same restaurant every night. And in comes the salads and snacks to the rescue!

Uncrustables $7.75

As mentioned above, Disney does have Uncrustables in their lunchable versions or you can purchase them separately for $3.99. Yep, you read that right. So purchase a whole box and snack on these bad boys all day long.

Grapes $4.99

For a light snack at the end of the day or if you have ziplocs you can take them to the park. But seriously, grapes preferably green and pepper jack cheese are an awesome healthy snack that won’t leave you bloated.

Pop-Tarts $1.99

You can purchase Disney’s version of a Pop-Tart at Woody’s Lunch Box in Hollywood Studios for $4.29 for one Tart. I will say though that the Tarts do have great reviews because they are homemade! But, if you are trying to cut costs, a whole box of Pop-Tarts is more cost-efficient.

Granola Bars $2.96

It’s nice to have Granola Bars around for a quick breakfast on the go. Or they make a good pick me up while standing in line, baking in the heat.

Oreo Cookies $3.79

Who doesn’t love Oreos?! Seriously, grab a ziploc and stuff some Oreos in it for when you need a nice sugar high or are just craving something sweet!

Fruit Snacks $3.31

Fruit Snacks are my kid’s favorite things to snack on at Disney. Just make sure to alter between sugar and proteins, too much sugar will cause a sugar crash right in the middle of Disney! Not fun!

Jerky $5.99

Here’s where that protein comes in. How convenient is it that jerky now comes in packs? No more arguing over who gets the last piece of jerky or so and so didn’t wash their hands. Now everyone gets their own jerky!

Trail Mix $6.09

Trail mix is one of my personal favorites to stick in a ziploc and just snack on all day long. A little secret of mine is to add the coffee M&Ms to your trail mix. It’s amazing.

Crackers $2.54

Crackers and cheese sticks go hand in hand and make a good after park snack. Whether you are waiting for your dining reservations or ate earlier, it’s nice to have something light to snack on.

V8 Energy drinks $4.29

These are my favorite more drinks. You don’t feel like you are taking in too much caffeine and get the bellyaches and it certainly doesn’t taste like a V8! They are the perfect on the go breakfast drink.

Kool-Aid Pouches $1.99

If you have small kiddos, Capri Suns or these Kool-Aide pouches are a much better buy than soda or a water bottle in the park. Also, Disney uses paper straws that are environmentally friendly. While I support the cause, the kids are not huge fans of them melting in our drinks or in their mouths because they think all straws must be chewed on.

Apple sauce $1.80

I will tell you, my kids had an apple sauce every night we were there. I had to buy more to keep up with the demand!!!

Jimmy Deans $2.89

Keep in mind most rooms only have a fridge and coffee maker in them. But if you are staying in a Villa you will have a small kitchenette with a microwave! These little bowls are perfect if you don’t mind having a sit-down breakfast in your room. It’s nice having coffee with a Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl while sitting on the balcony. If you are staying at the Animal Kingdom Villas, well you will get to eat breakfast with the Savannah animals.


If you are like me and need to see numbers, I’ve listed what it takes to make sandwiches for a family of 4 $12.64 a day… You can’t even get a salad for one person for that cost!

If you want to go a little further, here are chips, ziplocs, and plates!

As you can see, we took in our own snacks and drinks and ate breakfast either in the room or on our way to the parks. We didn’t take in our own lunch or dinner this time because we had reservations for most days. The downside of doing restaurant reviews!

But to put this in perspective for you, a 24 pack of Aquafina Water Bottles was $4.98, and the 12 pack of sodas was $3.48. In the parks for one Dasani Water Bottle, it’s $3.50 or $4.19 for a bottle of Soda.

Yes, you can get a small cup of water for free at quick-service counters, but that’s not going to help you while you are sweating up a storm while waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion.

And for any kind of snacks, you are looking at $5.00 and above for each item. If you are a family of 4 like we are, those prices can add up super fast!

This is why we decided to take in snacks and drinks, it really saved us a lot of money. And heat stroke/exhaustion is a real quick way to end your day of fun.

Now I’m not saying to eat sandwiches and take in snacks every day because I do believe in splurging and enjoying myself. I just saying, cut some of the cost out by packing food and drinks in with you some days.

Maybe eat at restaurants for dinner and choosing one snack a day? Disney is known for having the best signature restaurants and you can’t find a Churro quite like theirs anywhere else in the world.

My weakness? Joffrey’s Coffee and Mickey pretzels for sure!!!

Our Not-So-Secret Secret

Stay hydrated and snack often to keep everyone’s energy up! You are most likely getting worn out by the heat, staying hydrated and snacking on proteins will help immensely with those cranky moments.

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