The Ultimate Toddler and Baby Disney World Packing List


Traveling anywhere with toddlers and or babies can be the most fun and exhausting time. Forgetting one single thing could be the difference between an amazing day and a complete meltdown. Being over-prepared at Disney World with toddlers is a must! Most items on this list can be purchased through Amazon before you go or can be delivered directly to your resort!



That’s the true beauty of Amazon, you don’t have to try to pack a huge box of diapers in your luggage with you. Just have it delivered! Forget something on this list? Well, that’s okay too! Most items can be delivered within a couple of hours to 24 hours to your resort. I highly recommend checking delivery options one week before you go so you can make the proper arrangements. If you decide to have your items delivered directly to the resort, they will accept packages ahead of time. Make sure to write your name with -guest and the resort address.

See bell hop for the deliveries they usually have them stored. 





Amazon’s prices for diapers aren’t too terrible and honestly, it’s worth it to not have to pack around a huge box of diapers through the airport. Just make sure to put in your Amazon order the day before you leave to make sure they have your size in stock and delivery is on time.










The same concept as the diapers, though I don’t feel like pull-ups take up as much space as diapers in your luggage, but they can still be pretty bulky.










Seriously, when do we not need wipes! Not only will you need them for the toddlers/babies, but they also come in handy when you are sweaty and need a quick cleanup. Disney does really well at keeping their dining tables clean, but there have been several occasions when I wish I had wipes to wipe down a table or seat.






 What If I Forget Something?

Don’t panic! Each park has a baby care center which include:

  • Private nursing room with rocking chairs 
  • Changing room with tables and a women’s restroom
  • Feeding area with highchairs 
  • Kitchen with microwave and sink
  • Main room with television, table and seating
  • On-site shop offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, over-the-counter medications and clothing for purchase

Changing Stations

While the water parks, Resort hotels and Disney Springs do not include Baby Care Centers, baby changing stations can be found in most restrooms.

Lost Children

A child who becomes separated from his or her parents while in the park will be escorted by a Cast Member to the Baby Care Center. Once there, the child will be looked after until the parent comes to claim the child.

The Baby Care Center at Animal Kingdom is located in the central area of the park on the left-hand side of the Tree Of Life.

The Epcot Baby Care Center is located in between Test Track and the Mexico pavilion.

The Baby Center at Magic Kingdom is located back behind Casey’s Corner on the left-hand side of Main Street.

The Baby Center at Hollywood Studios is located just inside the entrance on the left-hand side.

Baby Powder



It seems like no matter what time of the year you are traveling to Florida; you can count on 2 things. Heat and humidity. For those little ones we want to make sure to keep them as dry as possible, even while you are stuck in a line. And it’s nice for us adults that like to put baby powder in their shoes or rub some on the inside of your thighs to help prevent chafing.







Diaper Rash Cream



Over the years, we have noticed while waiting in line there have been a lot of fussy little ones or those doing the potty dance. For those little sensitive behinds, we recommend, of course, baby rash cream. Not only for infants but for toddlers as well due to the heat, diet change, humidity, and water rides.







Swim Diapers



In most public pools swim diapers are required. Disney has some of the best kiddie pools for kids of all ages. It would be a shame to pay for overpriced swim diapers or not be able to enjoy the pool areas. Make sure to grab a pack of these to keep at the resort.







iPad or Tablet



Okay, this one is hard. I don’t like the kids on their phones or tablets while on vacation. However, I think there are a couple of exceptions here worth mentioning. On the plane, in the park during their normal nap time if you choose to have them nap in the stroller and on the bus rides from the parks.

On the way to the parks everyone’s super excited about meeting Mickey and getting wrapped up in the magic but on the way back to the resort they are tired and don’t want to leave. Outside of that, they really should be purely entertained by their surroundings.







Portable Charger



If you opt to take a tablet or phone into the park, I highly recommend not forgetting a charger or a portable battery charger. You will avoid temper tantrums and not have to worry about how you are going to have to choose between taking pictures or entertaining your child. Plus, now Disney has their Geni+ App for skipping the lines, mobile ordering and wait times. You will be on your phone planning out your day and taking photos more often that you think.

Disney does have a rest area over by Rapunzel’s tower that you can plug your devices into to charge. However, this area is usually really busy. You can also rent a battery charger from a Disney kiosk for $30 per day.










No one around you wants to hear your music, games, or movies. There is only so much of Baby Shark that I can truly handle! Lol Headphones are a must for the plane ride, and the parks are really loud. If you want your little one to just try to relax and watch a movie, they may need headphones to hear.







Refillable Water Bottle-Sippy Cup



Don’t forget your water bottles or sippy cups, hydration is key to a hot humid place like Florida. The more you sweat the more water you will need to keep up your energy and avoid heat stroke. Don’t forget your bottle/cup cleaner!

A Disney hack, cups of water from a quick service restaurant are free. I like to get the free water and pour it into my water bottle, so I have nice ice-cold water to enjoy.

Our teens like putting the ice water in their misting fans to stay cooled off.







Mini First Aid Kit and Band-Aids



We always keep a small first aid kit in our backpack with some Band-Aids and pain relievers. You never know when you are going to have shoes rubbing on the backs or your heels or a child scrape a knee. Though Disney does have a great First Aid area, it’s usually all the way to the front of the park and of course you are at the back of the park when the accident happens.

We’ve only had to use ours a couple of times through the years for blister and one smashed toe.







Travel Hand Sanitizer



We never leave home without it! Remember, you are traveling to a place that is essentially like a large daycare for kids and adults. You will want to snack while waiting in line. Be sure to sanitize really quick before you stick your hands in the bag of jerky!










You will see guests walking around everywhere just burned to a crisp. Save your skin and do yourself a favor, start your day with sunblock and meet it again for lunch. If you purchase from Disney, you can expect to pay $12.00+ for 1 bottle.










Just like your skin, your lips can also not only get burned but severely chapped. If you are traveling during the pandemic, masks are required. You will want to save everyone’s lips from the hot a humid Florida air.







Toddler Leash



I know it sounds bad calling these a toddler leash, but these things are amazing. We saw serval toddlers with them on, and these little tykes would have been halfway across the park before mom could blink if they weren’t wearing one. Believe me when I tell you these are amazing, and no one is going to judge you for having one on your kid. Safety is key.







Car Seat or Highchair



If you are planning on using an Uber, Taxi, Shuttle, or car rental, you may want to think about a car seat/booster seat that can be easily removed and folded for easy transportation. These are some great options for toddlers. Unfortunately, with babies, you don’t have any smaller options than just a normal car seat.







These highchairs are all able to hook to a table. They are super easy to use and fold up flat making them easy to store in your luggage and underneath the stroller.










I know lugging around a stroller, car seat, luggage and kids is not the easiest task. So, I actually recommend just buying a cheap stroller and having Amazon deliver it straight to your resort, if you don’t feel like trying to haul around so much stuff.



Stroller rentals at Disney World are $15.00 a day for a single for one day or $13.00 a day for multi-day use. For a double stroller, they are $37.00 for a single day or $27.00 for multi-day use. Keep in mind Disney Springs also requires a $100.00 deposit.







Stroller Fan

Keep your toddler or baby cool with these fans that clip right to the stroller. Keep in mind you will be running this all day so you will need extra batteries or an external USB battery charger to keep these charged up.




Stoller Airport Bag

You will see these bags everywhere for both strollers and car seats. They really make storing and hauling them around a whole lot easier. And once the stroller is in the bag, you won’t have to worry about it trying to open as you are lugging it in and out of the airport, shuttles, and ground transportation.







Stroller Organizer

When everything else feels hectic and trying to just navigate through the parks… It’s nice to know that your stroller is at least organized, and you know exactly where everything is at. Having bottles, snacks, and wipes right within your reach is so easy and convenient.







Stoller Hooks

I don’t use a stroller, mainly because my kids are now teens but every time we go to Disney, I wish these were a thing when my kids were young. I see everyone connecting their Disney bags from shopping on their strollers and I’m over here carrying mine around like a sucker!







Stoller Phone Holder

With Disney being so large, you really do need to download their app to help you navigate the parks, order food, and now use the Genie+. Having your phone readily available saves so much time and frustration from digging through your bags.







Stroller Drink Holders

With drink holders, the more the merrier! I don’t know if anyone else does this or if it’s just me, but I start out my day with coffee in one hand and a water bottle in the other. Extra holders are a must!







Other Stroller Items

Here are some other stroller accessories worth mentioning. The side sling, a stroller handle for toddlers who love to walk and hold the side of the stroller, and the detachable stroller extension with a seat. All great items to add to your Disney day.







Stroller Lights

I’m not sure who started the attaching stroller lights craze but THANK YOU!!! Black strollers at night can be virtually impossible to see. Not only is it safer for those walking around you, but you will be able to spot your stroller if you get separated from your party or while it’s in the stroller parking zones.







Airplane Pockets/Travel Tray

It can be hard keeping the little ones entertained on a long flight. These little trays fold up and help keep all of their toys/art supplies right in front of them instead of on the floor.







Pool Swimmers

Don’t forget to bring pool floaties or a swim vest for those hot days!







Baby Sling and Hip Sitters

I’ve never seen these hip sitters before, but they are really cool! These would be so convenient while in line and the little ones are just get too tired to stand.







Bottle Cleaner

I hate to be the one to remind you of how bad formula smells. Now add 100-degree weather on top of that! Here are some nice little bottle cleaners to keep in the diaper bag. You can also opt for bottles with disposable liners.







Portable Crib/Pack and Play

If you don’t want your baby to sleep in bed with you, here are some great options for portable cribs. Make sure to check with your hotel or resort, they may have some onsite that you can use or rent directly from them. Quantities are limited, you will want to list that you need one when you reserve your room.

I have read that the resorts cribs are not great, and they do run out of them. The good is most Disney resorts do offer them to hotel guests.








In the winter months, Florida does still get cold. You will need to pack some warmer clothes for at night. Beanies, gloves and a jacket will be a must. Don’t forget to check the weather before you leave so you pack appropriately.







Disposable Items

Going with disposable items right now might be a little easier and less worrisome. Amazon has disposable diaper changing pads, dirty diaper bags (Please use these especially on the plane) bibs, and even highchair covers.

Portable Potty Seat



The big toilets in the parks may be a little scary for the little ones. I love these fold-up potty seats. I recommend storing them in a Ziploc bag so when your child is done you can simply just fold this up and stick it right back in the bag. This way you don’t spread potty germs throughout your belongings.

The other option is to head the the Baby Centers, they do have smaller toilets for the littles to use.







Rain Cover-Stroller



In Florida, it rains a lot. One minute it’s sunny and 90 degrees and literally 30 minutes later there’s a downpour. We have yet to visit Orlando and not have it rains on us. Protect your belongings and your kids from the rain with these very convenient stroller covers. I can confirm they do not sell these in the parks.







Travel Wipes



Disney tries their best to keep the parks clean, but it’s nice to have these wipes to wipe down the tables and chairs for the little ones. Hand sanitizer can also be messy, and the kids have a tendency to not rub in the sanitizer. With these wipes, they can sanitize their hands much easier and with zero mess.







Autograph Pen



There is nothing that melts your heart more than your child’s smile. Wait until they get an autograph and picture with their favorite characters! Don’t forget your pens and autograph books!







Autograph Book



Amazon is a good way to save money on autograph books and pens and to get the kids excited about their upcoming trip, they can even pick them out before you go.







Glow Sticks and Glow Necklaces

Disney World at night is my favorite time. I love the way everything is lit up and the castle is just beautiful. The only bad thing is sometimes it’s hard to see and very easy to get lost. I noticed a lot of people hanging glow sticks on their strollers and of course the kids wearing them. If you have the opportunity to stay and the Animal Kingdom at night, the Pandora area and tree of life are absolutely amazing!







Another option is battery-operated fairy lights. We saw many different light strands on several strollers, and I thought it was a cute idea!







Cooling Towels



We absolutely love these cooling towels. All you have to do is get them wet, ring them out, and then twirl them around in the air. This provides you with a nice cool towel that doesn’t soak you. Whenever I got too hot, these towels have literally been a lifesaver. Get ready to be 20 degrees cooler with one these over your shoulders or around your neck. Kids will love them too.







Misting Fan

The kids enjoyed having their own fans to help them stay cool. The only thing I do recommend is that you take the taller ones out of your bag before entering the security area at Disney. These can set off the security system. Other things that will also set off the security are umbrellas, aluminum cans, and metal sunglasses cases.







Bubble Gun with Bubbles



Disney does sell these in the parks for quite a bit more than those here on Amazon. If you’re looking to not spend extra money on little trinkets, then I suggest buying these before you go. They are a hot ticket item at Disney.







Extra Batteries



If you are bringing anything that requires batteries, I recommend bringing spares. Both the misting fans, fairy lights, and the bubble wands all take batteries.





I think we saw at least a couple of pacifiers on the ground on our last trip through Disney World. Make sure to take extras with you in your diaper bag for when or if your child decides to split theirs out in the park.






Toddler Utensils (If needed)

Big utensils can be hard for some kids to navigate. I promise no one will mind if you bring your own. In fact, Disney is very supportive of it!







This one is of course a no-brainer; bibs are a clothing saver during meals and teething. Plus, there’s not a whole lot worse than a baby having irritated skin due to wet clothes.






Special Blankets and Stuffed Animals

If your toddler or baby has a special blanket that helps them sleep or that they just can’t be without, make sure that makes the plane!

















Hair Ties, Barrettes, and Bows

With the heat shining down on you and the kids all day, I would highly recommend putting their hair up in a ponytail to keep it off the neck. Or if it’s not long enough, clip their hair out of their face. This will help cool the kids down quite a bit and it won’t get tangled on the rides or matted in the stroller.









Hair Brush or Comb







Hair Gel or Hairspray

I would grab some hair spray with extra hold and with the humidity formula to help with those flyaways and keep the hair in place.


Travel Shampoo







There is a 100% chance everyone that can wear sunglasses will need them. If your kids will keep them on, sunglasses will help with eye strain. Hollywood Studios does not have that much shade, you will be blinded by the concrete and sun.






Children’s Tylenol or Ibuprofen

Whether it’s earaches from the plane or leg and foot pain from walking, it’s always a good idea to have some pain medicine with you for the little ones at all times.






Medicines and Prescriptions

Don’t forget any other prescriptions or medicines such as ear drops, allergy medicines, and even eye drops. You know your child and what they struggle with and will need. Make sure to make a packing list and be very specific on what you cannot forget.




Sun Hat

Sun hats not only keep you cool they also keep the sun out of your face and out of your eyes. I’ve noticed there are several brands on Amazon for adults that you can get wet and wring out for a quick cool down or that are made of moisture-wicking materials These hats listed here are just cute Disney-themed hats for the littles. Hats purchased in the parks will vary in price from $20+.






Hair Bands or Headbands

You will notice the moment you step in line for the parks, maybe even the moment you step foot in your resort all of the cute headbands. In the parks, headbands are $29.99+ but you can grab some cute ones from Amazon before you go for $10+. Not only will you still look adorable, but you are saving a bunch of money. Headbands are one size fits all, so these will fit toddlers on up. For babies, Amazon has adorable soft headbands that are more comfortable, I did not see any soft bands for babies at the parks.










Let’s talk costumes! Is it even a magical trip if your toddlers aren’t dressed as their favorite princess or Disney character?! This is where you will save a ton of money. Buy the costumes before you go, in parks, they start at $49.99!















Shirts and Outfits

If you’re looking for Disney shirts, dresses, Lounge Fly backpacks, Ears or jackets ShopDisney.com is having their Twice Upon A Year sale. You can get official Disney gear for up to 40% off! Other great places to pick up Disney shirts and back packs are BoxLunch.com for 20% off, HotTopic.com, and Khols.com. I’ve had really good luck finding matching family Disney shirts on Etsy.com and Amazon!

Two Extra Pairs of Clothes

One for accidents and one fore just in case they get wet!



Coloring Books

Coloring books for in the car, plane, or park transportation is fun for the kids. We like to hit up the dollar stores for coloring books, crayons, and markers. But if you don’t have one near your home, Amazon has some great options for you to choose from.







The best advice for anyone traveling to Disney is to stay hydrated and snack like crazy to keep your energy up. Kids of all ages and adults need to stay full and hydrated while in Florida heat, if you don’t there will be several meltdowns throughout the day.






Rain Poncho

Florida rains a lot. It doesn’t matter if rain is not in the forecast before you go, count on rain. The good news is the rain usually goes as quickly as it rolls in. It’s also not a bad idea to have a poncho for splash mountain so you aren’t walking around in soggy clothes all day. For the little ones, it’s easy to take an extra pair of clothes are pack a poncho just in case. A poncho in the parks $12+







You can decide if your child is old enough to swap pins and keep a lanyard on. I know my daughter would have done great but my son, not so much. We’ve lost pins and the lanyard tends to get heavy throughout the day. At Disney, you will spend $30+ for a starter kit. The starter kit usually comes with a lanyard and 3-4 pins.






Trading Pins

Trading pins, you can find them in bulk on Amazon or purchase them directly from Disney for $12.99 per pin. Keep in mind, some people frown upon bulk buying because they are not official Disney pins. But for kids starting, I would recommend just purchasing these. Once they get old enough and can pin trade with cast members or other guests again (pre-pandemic rules) you will want to start buying Disney real pins.






A Night Light

If your child has nighttime issues and is scared of the dark, don’t forget a night light for the bathroom or in the resort room. With blackout curtains, the room can get really dark and scary.





Swim Goggles

With Florida being so hot, it’s always a good idea to take a break mid-day and go swimming. Or if you want your kids to get worn out at the end of the day, a nice trip to the pool usually does the trick!






A Beach Bag

A beach bag will come in handy for quick trips to the pool or if you are taking a break from the parks to go to one of Disney’s water parks or out to the beach.






Take a rest day!


You and the kids must wear a mask on the plane, in the airports, shuttles, shopping, restaurants, ride share, all indoor rides and in resorts. Disney does sale masks in the parks and on ShopDisney.com, provided you can find the size that you need. Take spares in case it rains, or they get wet on the rides.

Pennies For Pressing and Quarters

Even now our kids love smashing pennies! Some of the machines now take cards instead of quarters but I would take some just in case. They make a cute and cheap souvenir.


This concludes my very lengthy packing list for toddlers and babies. It’s long, but I’m hoping not only will you remember to pack everything but will also save some money by buying items before heading to the parks and paying much much more. You will have more money in your pockets for Churros and Mickey-shaped pretzels.

If you are planning on taking your own snacks, here’s a list of grocery stores that now deliver to resorts. Having a hard time trying to figure what would be best to snack on? Well, we have a list of our favorite snacks for you to get some good ideas. Our packing list for Disney World goes over what to pack for adults and older kids. Need help planning your next trip? Check out Getaway Today for travel packages and tickets, Undercover Tourist for discount tickets, and Hotels.com for hotel and car rental deals!



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