Mask Review For Disney Parks During COVID-19

So the topic of the year seems to be COVID-19 and what masks to where at the Disney parks. There’s no doubt that this illness has changed our lives in one way or another. In most states, face masks are now required to enter most businesses, Disney World and Disney shopping included.

I was able to talk to a friend that actually lives in Florida and he did say that the face masks that have a filter and valve were actually a lot easier for him personally to breathe in. Unfortunately, those has now been banned from Disney, so its not one that we will be trying out in this review.

With there being millions of masks to choose from and buy, its hard to narrow down which masks will be right for you! The prefect mask will be up to you and your preferences. Weve all tried several masks, but believe me in Florida it is a whole different ball game!

We’ve tried out a couple of different masks for you and we have went ahead and put together a full review.

Review# 1 Neck Gaiter/Face Scarf (These are no longer allowed at Disney Parks)

The first mask we tried out today is this pretty little Lacy mask. It’s very beautiful but the material just is not that breathable so it was really hot.

I thought these masks would be nice because there are little holes in it and you can basically see through the fabric, but they really are much much hotter than other masks. I also thought that the extra fabric around my neck would shade my skin.

But I was very wrong with this one! Not only was it hot, it doesn’t allow the protection that is needed to help prevent this virus from spreading.


It’s a very hot mask and it provides very little protection and it’s definitely not as cute as it is shown in the picture.

Rating: 1/5

Review# 2 Neck Gaiter (These are no longer allowed at Disney Parks)

I like the concept of a Gaiter these are just to big for me. This Gaiter is listed as a one-size-fits-all but it definitely does not fit me! There’s no way to tighten it so when you have it on your face it just slides off, there’s no way of keeping it up.

Even if I put it above my ears it just wont stay up. I thought this would be something good for my son, but his head is smaller than mine so there is just no way that this is going to stay on him either.

Not only that, when you do have it on your face it does suck into your mouth when you are breathing. I really don’t think this one would stay up on rides. I think it would be more comfortable for someone who has a larger head, possibly for males. I wasn’t able to test this one out on any rides just because it doesn’t stay up long enough for me to even try it out!


So I definitely would not recommend this one unless you have a larger head and try it out before you go.

Rating: 1/5

Review# 3 Dust Mask (These are no longer allowed in Disney Parks)

Some of these dust masks are very colorful and it just makes me happy when I look at them! I do find that the ear loops are a little large so the actual mask does slide down every now and then, but it’s really easy to tighten up these loops by tying a knot in them or just sewing them to fit.

I also like that it’s not smashed on my face, which will help keep my face cool. There are also areas where you can feel the air coming through the sides and around the neck allowing you more breathing room.

This mask is not for someone who is worried about contracting COVID-19, it provides little protection for you but I guess at this point its all about keeping your germs to yourself.

They do have several different colors available on Amazon. I think if you went for maybe a lighter color such as white, it would be even cooler in the heat. But all in all, it’s a really great flowing mask that I do enjoy.


This mask isn’t perfect, but it is breathable and you can simply side it down when you are ready to eat and it becomes a cute scarf. I have been wearing this home at home when I’m running into the gas station or stores.

Rating: 4/5 but no longer allowed as Disney parks.

Review# 4 Cotton Home Made Mask

Okay, so this 4th mask is actually one that I made myself but you can also buy one just like it on Amazon. There are two separate ways these masks work.

I’ve made mine, so that it is double-layered cotton that I can insert a filter in the center of. The only problem is the filters make it so that you cannot breathe very well. I love this mask for indoor shopping or just heading to the grocery store. But I haven’t been wearing a filter in them, its just not for me.

Standing in a queue line that’s inside wouldn’t be that bad but if you’re planning to wear them outside, it’s just not that breathable. It’s hot and doesn’t let air flow through very well.

It’s not one I would recommend wearing out in the sun, heatstroke would be almost inevitable because those filters are so thick.

I went ahead and pulled the filters out so that I just have the two layers of cotton which does make it a little easier to breathe through. However, it’s still kind of hard with these masks. I do like the ties over the elastic bands because I can tighten it to fit my child-sized head.

The good news with homemade masks is that you can make it out of any cotton material. For the kids, you make one that has their favorite Disney characters on it. Or for us adult Disney lovers you can make some that match your Minnie Mouse headbands.


I guess the good thing about these is you can make them with whatever material you want, as thick as you want, and they will fit because they are adjustable.

Rating: 4/5

Review# 5 Cotton Mask

This mask is made out of a cotton blend, usually 2 layers of material and adjustable ear loops. The good news is with these, you can find them in every color and pattern known to man! These are good for indoor use, I’ve used them for most of my appointments.

Make sure to pay attention to the size you order, I usually buy ones that are a little smaller so that they fit snug and the ear loops don’t stretch out.


This mask would probably be okay as a back up for inside queue lines, dinners and at night or in the colder months. I don’t think they would be the best for hotter months in Florida.

Rating: 3/5

Review# 6 3M Dust Mask

The 3M N95 masks are super-duper heavy-duty, these are geared towards those who need extra protection. I have to point out though, these did not do well in the heat.

They are so incredibly hot and fit so close to the face that it actually leaves a ring/indent on your face. I have a very small head and for these to be so tight face, I can’t imagine what it does to a full-size adult that has a bigger head than myself.

I feel like when you take off this mask, there will be a nice ring on your face where it’s literally dug into your skin. It’s not something that I would recommend wearing for a long amount of time, maybe more for a quick trip to the grocery store or gas station.

I don’t feel like it’s feasible to wear one of these all day, its just so incredibly hot at the Disney Parks mid-summer and I don’t think it’s a good option for those that are healthy and don’t need the extra protection.

With that being said, If you do have an underlying condition or are highly susceptible to illness or elderly, please stay home. Disney has put on their website their COVID-19 disclosure, I HIGHLY recommend reading over it.
And just remember, when all of this is over Disney will still be there. I promise it’s not going anywhere, stay home, and stay safe. I love Disney parks as much as the next person, but I will never put myself or family in danger just for a vacation. If you don’t feel safe, call Disney to reschedule your trip for when you feel it’s safe to travel.


These are by far the worst to wear. Kudos to all the men who have to wear these things to work every day! If you decide to wear these masks, I would only recommend wearing these on flights and throughout the airport. Once you are at your resort, I would think about switching to a more face friendly option.

Rating: Virus Protection 5/5, comfort 1/5

Review#7 KN95

These masks are very thin and breathable, I like them a lot. For protection and breathability, these are the ones I would choose every time. I did find them to be a little on the warm side but nothing compared to the 3M!
The downfall, they are disposable and too large for me so have to tie a knot in the ear elastics to make them smaller, shocker! Lol


These are the best way to go if you are looking to have the protection and comfort throughout the day.

Rating: Virus Protection 5/5, comfort 5/5

Review# 8 Surgical/Disposable Single Use Mask

Our last review is on the highly popular surgical/disposable masks. These masks can be purchased just about anywhere right now. I have seen them at our beauty supply stores, Walmart and Amazon. I just bought a pack of 50 for just under $20.00 from Amazon and I literally keep them in my car door. This way if the kids and I need to run into a store really quick, I just grab one for each of us and we are on our way! The kids never remember their masks and honestly, I would be washing masks every day if we went with reusable masks all of the time.

The reason I like these is because throughout the day you are going to be sweating and it’s really easy to throw them away and start over! You have the ability to put on a new one at any time of the day, after a wet ride or even mid-day after lunch.

The only downfall here is that there is a lot of waste with these masks and they do NOT protect you against the virus. However, they do prevent you from spreading it just like any other mask.

The convenience of not having to worry about washing your masks or losing them is pretty worth it in the long run. As far as breathability goes, I did wear them on some rides at our local theme park and I didn’t notice it falling down or suctioning to my mouth/face. They were also very breathable and comfortable.


These are the least effective out of the medical field masks when it comes to preventing you from getting the virus. They do prevent you from spreading the virus to others, so these are fine for those that feel healthy and are healthy. But again, that goes for most masks.

If you have enough cloth masks to have 2 per day per person, I would take those over these surgical masks for the soul purpose of not having more waste.

Rating: 4/5

Masks No Longer Allowed At Disney

Any masks that do not fit up against your face such as: Gaiters, scarfs and bandanas.

Any masks that have a exultation vent/valve of any kind.

Face shields only are not allowed, however you can wear them with your masks.

Please keep in mind, Disney is not making any exceptions to the rules. If you can not wear a mask alone, you will be refused entrance and this goes for everyone with disabilities or without. I highly recommend waiting to travel to Disney if you or a family member can not wear a mask.

What We Wore And Why

To start off, we had some reservations about traveling to Disney during the pandemic. Who wouldn’t? We did some extensive research on every aspect of our trip, we love Disney but its not worth putting us in danger.

Our family is healthy, non of us have underlining conditions or have ever had any kind of serious illness. With 2 adults and 2 teens, i felt like we are all old enough to understand the virus and how its being spread. We know why its important to wash our hands, sanitize and wear masks. If i had younger kids, it might be a different story!

My biggest fears were not traveling through the parks but were in regards to flying and traveling through airports. There’s just something about having a bunch of strangers piled in an airplane that made me understandably uncomfortable. In my mind I just kept thinking about recycled air and how quickly one person could get everyone on the plane sick with just one cough or sneeze.

Here’s where I did the most research. Planes actually have the most highly effective filtering system, they have for quite some time. This is why its really hard for everyone on one plane to get sick. A lot of them are now not seating anyone in the middle seats to assure there is a buffer between you and your neighbor.

Not only that but you are required to wear a mask in the airport and on the flights at all times except to eat or drink. If you are on a red eye flight like we were, you will be required to wear them even while sleeping. If your mask is removed for any reason other than eating or drinking, you will be given one warning. After that one warning, if you still refuse to wear your mask you will be red flagged. Meaning you will not be able to fly with that airline ever again and you will not be reimbursed for your flights. This how serious the air lines are taking COVID-19.

To start, we stared off with the KN95 and we wore these all the way from the airport parking lot until we arrived to our resort room. So, we wore these for the shuttle, airport security, our flight, through Orlando’s airport, their shuttle system, the Magical Express, resort check-in (which you can bypass through the app, but we couldn’t because we arrived at 5am) bell hop shuttle and then finally to our room.

The KN95 mask was extremely comfortable and gave us the virus protection we were looking for when traveling and be confined in small areas with others.

The kids and i chose to switch to the surgical masks for park use because they are a little more comfortable for us, are cheaper and we could just dispose of them whenever. We felt safe enough to do this. My boyfriend however, continued to wear the KN95 mask for a couple of days until he felt they weren’t really needed.

It was also nice to grab a handful of extra masks to add to our park bag for those days that is rains (which was quite often), for wet rides or to just change them out when they got sweaty and gross.

Something I do want to point out is, never once did I feel unsafe on Disney properties. From the moment we arrived I knew we had nothing to worry about. If you are traveling by air and using Disney’s Magical Express, they will tell you at check-in that you are required to wear your mask on Disney properties 24/7 with the exception of eating and drinking while stationary and while in your own room.

These rules are enforced by all cast members and EVERYONE is on the same page.

I did purchase some Disney masks while we were at Disney World to try out since they seemed like the more popular choice among guests and I really wanted one to remember our 2020 trip. I was only able to wear it in Florida’s heat for maybe a couple of hours before it was just too hot for me. I do however use it a lot at home! You can purchase these on ShopDisney.com or while you are at the parks.

Additional Items We Used For Our Flight

Travel hand sanitizer for everyone in your group

Travel sanitizing wipes

Disposable gloves for security lines

Mask Acne Is Real

Some of us are having a hard time with maskne, and don’t worry its more people than you think. Most of us have been breaking out when wearing our masks for extended periods.

Here’s How To Help Prevent Maskne:

1. Wash your face often and by often i mean, before and after wearing your mask and at least one other time throughout the day

2. Use a face cleaner with exfoliants in it at least once a week to scrub your pores and any dead skin that will clog your pores later down the road.

3. Switch out your face mask a couple times a day, be sure you are wearing a new mask everyday in order for the masks to actually work.

4. Wear sunblock that is made for the face, this will help not clog your pores as well.

5. Avoid wearing liquid foundation. If you need to wear foundation, consider switching to powder they wont clog your pores as easily.

Most Popular Masks Worn At Disney Parks

There were a lot of cotton masks, a lot Disney lovers wore masks with their favorite characters on them. We’ve found that Etsy, Amazon.com, Face Masks at BoxLunch.com“>Boxlunch.com and We also saw quite a few KN95 and surgical masks through out all of the parks too!

Our Amazon Picks:

Be sure to pay attention to the sizes with all of these masks. I have noticed that a lot of them are getting bad reviews because customers are ordering sizes that are too small and these are non-returnable once they have been opened. This goes for online and in stores. I person accidentally picked up some youth mediums, i thought they would be big enough for me and didn’t bother to look at the size chart. Well, they are small enough to fit my 5 year old nephew. I was able to return one but not the one that I had opened and tries on.

This concludes our mask review; I hope this is really helpful for you when you travel to Disney parks or just when trying to choose one for every day use.

To learn more about what you need to pack, check out or highly extensive list of items to pack with you to save money on your next Disney vacation. We have also put together a list of grocery stores near Disney that deliver to the resort to make snacking and taking in your own meals easier. Don’t know what the best snacks our to take in the park? Well, you’re in luck, we have are snack list that will help you put together your grocery list. If you are wondering what Disney’s Magical express is, we also have a guide on what it is and how to use it for free transportation to and from the airport. We know planning a trip to Disney can hard expensive, but surprising your family with a Disney trip doesn’t have to be. WaltLife.com has their surprise boxes already put together for you for $48.00 but with out promo code DISNEYTIPSANDTRIPS10 you will save $10.00! Check out our full review and what we got in our surprise box!

Have you visited Disney parks lately? What is your favorite masks to wear? Let us know, we would love to spread the word and help ours feel as comfortable as they can during their next Disney vacation.

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