How To Use Disney Worlds Magical Express For Free Airport Transportation!

Using Disney Worlds Magical Express can be a bit confusing. So let’s break down the how, what, when and whys of this free airport transportation service!

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What Is Disney Worlds Magical Express?

Okay, so first things first… You must be staying at a Disney Resort and traveling through Orlando International to utilize this service.

This is a huge perk when staying onsite! With this complimentary service, there is now no need to rent a car or use a taxi/Uber. This is going to save you money on parking at the resort, which is no longer free to resort guests. (see parking details and fees here)

If you are packing your meals into the park, check out these services that will deliver groceries to your resort. This will eliminate the need to rent a car! Now your magical experience won’t be ruined by going grocery shopping!

Trust me, no one would rather grocery shop than relax next to the pool or ride Space Mountain.

How Disney’s Magical Express Works:

There are two very different ways this service works. We will start with those that check their bags at the airport. If you check your bags, you will need to have Disney send you your luggage tags before leaving home.

There Are 3 Ways To Do This:

The first option: is if you already have your flight booked you may enter your flight information during the check out process. Either online or over the phone with a Disney representative.

The second option: is after you have made your resort reservation, simply go into your account online and add your flight details.

Your third option: if you are still having trouble locating where to enter your flight info, call Disney’s customer service line and they will enter your information in for you.

For U.S. and Canada reservations call 407-939-1936
United Kingdom reservations 0800-16-90-730

After you have registered your flight information with Disney, you will receive a confirmation email. You will want to print it and have that with you.
Disney will then mail you your luggage tags 2-3 weeks prior to your departure date. This will definitely get you hyped for your upcoming Disney vacation!

Once your tags are on and you check your luggage, just sit back, relax and enjoy your flight! When you step off the plane, just follow the Disney’s Magical Express signs that are located throughout the Airport.

Disney will claim your luggage for you. You won’t actually see your luggage again until you get to your room. Yes, you read that correctly!! They take care of everything for you! If you want to make your trip even more magical, check out the Disney dining plans to enjoy an all-inclusive trip.

Lets talk carry on bags… If you did not check your luggage you will just take it with you to the Magical Express and they will load your luggage onto the shuttle from there. You will have a choice to take it with you when you depart from the shuttle or have it sent straight to your room.

International travel:

Once you land and enter through customs after retrieving your luggage, proceed to the Customs checkpoint.

When you exit the Customs area you can keep your checked bags with you and proceed to the shuttle. You can still use Disney’s luggage delivery service but to take advantage of this you will need to return your checked luggage to the transfer carousel after the immigration and customs process.

Disney will claim your luggage and deliver it to your room for you.

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Important Things To Remember!

You will need your Magic Band for this service so make sure that you pack these in your carry on bag or on you. Your Magic Band not only is this the key to your shuttle reservation, but it is also the key to your room as well. It is very important to have these on you at all times!

Your luggage can take up to 3 hours to arrive in your room, so don’t panic if it’s not there when you arrive!

Things To Keep In mind:

If you are traveling between 10:00 PM-5:00 AM you will need to claim your own luggage on level two if you did baggage claim.

Check-in times at your resort… If you arrive at Orlando International as we did at 5:30 AM, your room most likely will not be available. No need to fret just yet! Go ahead and proceed to the check-in desk and simply ask if there is a room available, to my surprise there was!

Early check-in did not cost us anything extra and it was super nice to grab a couple of hours of sleep before heading to the park for the day.

Resort Departure Information:

The day before your check out you will receive a notice in your room with your departure time and where the shuttle pickup area is located. To ensure that you do not miss your flight, the shuttle pick up times will give you plenty of time to get through security, have a bite to eat, and head on into your terminal to wait for your flight.

Disney automatically enrolls you in their early check-in program. This will allow you to check in to your flight, obtain your boarding pass and check your luggage all at the resort! This will bypass your airport check-in completely, assuming you do not have carry on luggage!

If your flight is afternoon, your boarding pass will be delivered to your room on the morning of your departure. If you have carried on luggage take it to the shuttle with you and it will be your responsibility to grab it when you depart from the shuttle.

I know using Disney Worlds Magical Express can be a confusing process, if you have any questions regarding this service, please leave a comment below!

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