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How To Use Disney World’s Magic Bands!

Hey Guys, today we going over what Magic Bands are and how to use them. Magic bands Bands are colorful waterproof wristbands with a unique sensor in them. This sensor allows you to do and open doors with just the tap of your wrist!

What Do They Do?

These neat little wrist bands that Disney World sends you will actually be your ticket. And not only is it your ticket but it also does the following :

1. Allows you to use the Magical Express for free airport transportation.

2. Keeps track of your dining plan credits.

3. Can be used as a credit card, only if you have linked your card to the Magic Band.

4. It is your room key, you just tap your wrist to the key pad and it unlocks your door!

5. It contains your Photopass, this is the coolest thing. All of your photos will be in your account thanks to the Magic Band. How it does it, I’m not sure but all of your Character and ride photos are connected to your Magic Band.

6. You will use this for your Fastpass+ entry, just tap your wrist to the Fastpass tower.

7. And lastly, this is your ticket. You can use it to enter all Disney theme parks, including the water parks.

What If I Purchase Tickets Through 3rd Party And Not Disney?

That’s okay, the 3rd party company will send you your ticket in the mail or via email. Your ID number will be on your ticket, you will need to enter that on Disney Worlds website along with your reservation information.

Once your ticket is entered into their system, Disney will give you the option to select a free Magic Band or purchase one from their website. has a ton of cute premium bands to choose from!

All Magic Bands must be ordered at least 11 days before your expected arrival date. And you must be staying at a Disney World resort.

What If I’m Not Staying At A Disney World Resort?

You will receive a card or email ticket and will need to link them to your account. But you will only be able to use and receive a Magic Band if you are staying at a Disney World resort. There are many perks to staying at a Disney World resort.

Depending on what resort you stay at, it’s actually cheaper to stay onsite and a whole lot more convenient! Check out my complete list of awesome things you will receive just by staying onsite!

Choosing Your Magic Band

Okay, so there are two options to choosing your Magic Bands.

1. If you purchase your ticket through a 3rd party ticket company.

2. If you purchase your Disney package directly though Disney.

Either way, after you’ve made your reservations at Disney World and purchased your tickets, you can then add your magic bands to your reservations.

At this time, you can choose to upgrade to a premium MagicBand which includes some of the world’s most loved Disney friends, from Mickey Mouse to your favorite Super Heroes.

As of right now, the free MagicBand options come in pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue and gray.

Linking Your Magic Band

Disney Resort hotel Guests and Passholders can place their MagicBand order by taking the following steps:

Create or sign into your Disney account.

Link your reservation or annual pass to your Disney account. Your pass may have been linked automatically when you purchased it on Disney Worlds website.

If you are an Annual Passholder, you can activate your pass at any Walt Disney World theme park ticket window or Disney Springs Guest Relations location.

You will need to bring your exchange certificate and a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. Once your pass is activated upon first admittance into the theme parks, your MagicBand will display in your My Disney Experience app.

To order your MagicBands at pre-arrival prices, visit My MagicBands and Cards. Remember to place your order at least 11 days before your arrival.


Its really easy to link your bands to your reservation, Disney World has a step by step process to make sure you are linking everything up correctly!

Make sure to pack your Magic Bands with you in your carry on bag because you will need them for your Magical Express free transportation.

For more information on how to use the Magical Express, check out our guide on how to use Disney Worlds Magical Express for free airport transportation!

Now if only Disneyland would adopt the Magic Band and Dining Plan options!!!

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