How To Use Disneylands Maxpass, is it worth it?

Hey guys! So I wanted to give you give a quick little update on the Maxpass system, how it works and the cost.

We just got back from Disneyland a couple weeks ago, and I thought we would try some new things while we were out there. As of right now and until May 28th, Disneyland is running a discount special on tickets to pull in more crowds before Star wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens on May 31st. When we went the first week of May, the place was packed. Not like mid-summer packed but pretty close to it on Sunday and Monday. Don’t worry, we still very much enjoyed every second of our time there.

Due to the crowds, I thought well… Let’s try the Maxpasses for just one day to see how big of a difference it makes and I have to tell you… It’s a huge waste of money! We are a family of 4 and each Maxpass is $15.00 per person per day.

What our expectations of the Maxpass were:

Well, to tell you the truth I thought they would be much like Disney Worlds Fastpass +. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Disney Worlds Fastpass + it allows you to choose 3 attractions for Fastpasses at a time, not just one.

We got our Maxpasses, and to our surprise, we could only book one Fastpass at a time (just like normal Fastpasses). I will tell you how to utilize this to the max a little further down. But for now, let’s go over the pros and cons.


You can pick your Fastpasses from your mobile app. This saves you a lot of walking time not having to go all the way to the Fastpass kiosk to get your Fastpasses. For Fastpass locations, click here.

You will receive the photo pass with your Maxpass, which will allow you to have all of your photos for the day to download for free.

The moment you scan your return Maxpass, you will have a new Maxpass you can now select. We would literally try to schedule our next pass while standing in the return line.

If you feel like wait times are too long, you can upgrade your passes to the Maxpass on the mobile app at any time, as long as you are in one of the parks.


The price of $15.00 per ticket per day is absurd.

Fastpasses and Maxpasses are the same things. The only difference is that the Maxpasses are available on the mobile app, and Fastpasses you need to walk to a kiosk.

Fastpasses and Maxpasses are on the same system. If Fastpasses run out, Maxpasses run out.

You cannot select your Maxpasses until you are in the park.

You only get one Maxpass at a time, which is the same as usual Fastpass.

If you pick a popular ride and the return time is not until 7:00pm and its 10:00am, guess what?! You cant get another pass until you’ve used or canceled your 7:00pm ride. So essentially, you are paying $15.00 per person to get on one ride unless you can book more rides after 7:00pm.

How many Maxpasses were we able to use in one day and for what rides:

We started with the Incredicoaster, we booked this one right when we walked in the entrance of the park. By the time we walked over to the ride, we walked right up to the return entrance and were able to get on. Total wait time 5 minutes. Now everyone knows you need fastpasses for Cars, Guardians, and Spacemountain. These have the longest wait times! So we booked our next pass for Cars, then Guardians and then Spacemoutain was the very last minute before close. So yes, we were able to hit the big rides with our passes, but in all honesty, we could have hit those rides anyway and we had already been on them this trip.

When would I recommend the Maxpass:

During the summer months when kids are out of school.

If wait times for all rides exceed 1 hour.

If you are spending 2 days or less in the parks, and have more than 2 people in your group.

How to maximize your day with the Maxpasses:

Do not set your heart on any particular ride. Why? Because this will stall your whole day and make it so you utilize your passes less.

Once you enter the park, pull up your app and purchase the Maxpasses. We did this while waiting in line for Starbucks.

Pick your first Maxpass, use this for the ride that has a current return window open for right now. So what I mean is, if its 9:30am pick a fastpass with a return window of 9:30-10:30. Then head over to that ride for zero-5 minute wait time.

Once you scan your pass and you are in line, refresh your app. Those passes are now used and have disappeared.

Look for the next open ride time. It’s now 10:00am after getting your coffee and walking over to your first ride. Choose a ride that has a return window of 10:00-11:00am. And then walk over to your next ride.

This tactic will work for the majority of the day until Maxpasses/Fastpasses run out and they will… Click here for a complete list of ways to avoid standing in long lines and how to save time in the parks.

What are your thoughts on the new Maxpass system? Leave your comments below!

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