Disney World During COVID-19 Pandemic

We recently visited Disney World last month and I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what we experienced while we were there.

Overall everything in the parks seem really good. There were things that we were impressed by and areas that we believe need some work. I will take a quick minute to go over those and then we will dive into the new changes deeper for you.

Areas I wasn’t Very Impressed With:

We didn’t really see very much cleaning and sanitizing to high-touch areas such as benches and railings throughout the park are. I would have liked to see more of that going on.

The other thing we noticed is it’s really hard to keep up with social distancing from other families on Main Street and in the shopping areas.

These are really the only things at Disney World that could use some improvements. Everything else looked really good!

I Was Highly Impressed By:

I was impressed by how well Disney did with social distancing in the queue lines and sanitizing rides.

While waiting in line for your favorite rides, you will hear an announce over the intercom to let you know that there is going to be a short delay while they clean the ride.

Its funny how guests demeaner changes when there is a delay due to cleaning rather than a delay due to the ride breaking. I will tell you, just knowing the rides were actually being cleaned, really gives you some peace.

I was also really impressed with their rest areas, I know some guests were saying this is extremely irresponsible of Disney to allow you to remove your mask. But I am here to say these areas are very safe, clean and properly socially distanced. Tables were appropriately spaced out so that guests can take a rest without their masks on. With Florida being so hot and humid, this was a really nice break.

As we were walking throughout the parks, I did notice that all cast members wore their masks the whole time. And it seems like they were all happy to be back to work.

We did overhear a cast member speak about how Disney is still losing money on the parks. They aren’t yet breaking even due to the amount of employees it takes just to keep the parks open. They expected more furloughs coming soon.

We expect hours of operation to be even more limited if there isn’t a huge up tick in attendance.

With there being so many changes within the parks, we have broke them down into sections as much as possible for you. This way you can decide if its still worth it for you to travel to Disney during the pandemic.

Magical Express

The Magical Express is Disney Worlds FREE transportation to and from Orlando International.

If you aren’t sure about what the Magical Express is and want more information on how it works and where to sign up, check out our article What Is The Magical Express. We go over this in great detail.

The main changes that you will now see is of course they are no longer handling checked bags. You will need to grab your luggage from baggage claim. They no longer take your luggage straight from baggage claim and deliver it to your room for you. This is one of the rather large changes Disney has put in place during the pandemic.

If you have carry on or checked baggage, make sure to grab everything and bring with you to the Magical Express check-in. Don’t forget, you will need your Magic Band for your Magical Express check-in, so make sure to have those handy.

Disney World Transportation

As far as bus transportation goes, Disney has done very well breaking up the bus seating areas between families. There are numbers on the bus seats for you and your family to sit in groups and dividers between families to ensure social distancing.

As seen in the photo below, this seating area is for a family of two, seats marked #5 are for two people and to the left and right of those seats there are signs telling you to not sit there. Also on the left of the photo you will see a divider that is there to put space in between families.

Once the empty seating areas are filled up, the drivers will have you wait for another bus.

I did not see any cleaning happen before entering the bus, nor did it ever smell like cleaner. This does not mean they weren’t cleaned and sanitized throughout the day, its just was not something I was personally able to witness.

I can tell you, I was not impressed with the morning transportation to the Magic Kingdom, most buses would fill up before coming to our bus stop. We watched several buses pass our bus stop (Jamaican at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort) which left us with quite a bit of a wait in the mornings. Waiting for the bus to the Magic Kingdom took almost 3 times longer than a bus for Animal Kingdom.

We also noticed there were a lot of internal buses for some reason. It seems like they could have took some of those internal buses and used them to transport guests to the parks? Disney’s bus system has never been the quickest transport and still needs a lot of work.

While were waiting for the buses, it was really hard for families to social distance in the bus transportation waiting areas. Because like I said before, we had to wait quite some time for empty buses to stop at our bus stop.

It would be nice if there were more markers on the ground or more seating options added so families could easily keep their distance from each other.

The Monorail was not running at this time, so I cant contest to how that was running or what measures were put in place to social distance.

The new Skyline system ran flawlessly, the lines to get on were marked with social distancing markers on the ground and moved quickly.

The cast members did a fantastic job at running things fast and smoothly. And the best part about the Skyline is they are seating one family per gondola, so you were able to take off your mask, take a few photos and enjoy the ride.

The Skyline was actually the fastest way to get the the parks. If Disney would just get rid of the bus system and run just Skylines, their transportation would be completely flawless. The buses just need to go away at this point.

How I Feel About Masks

The current mask debate is something that you’re either all for or all against but whether you’re all for it or against it, Disney does require that you wear them 24/7. Whether you are at a Disney Resorts, Disney parks or Disney Springs you will be required to wear a mask at all times.

The only time you will be able to remove your mask is in your own room, during swimming, while you’re eating and drinking stationary, and in rest areas.

I personally do feel like masks help keep your germs to yourself and other people germs to themselves. That’s just my personal opinion.

The only thing that I had a problem with is that it does make you feel warmer than usual. And wearing masks day and night can make your face break out. Why? Because you are creating a small sauna in your mask that opens your pores to sweat, makeup and dirt.

I wish just like everyone else that there was a better, easier way to do this rather than wearing masks all day. But as of right now, this and sanitizing are really all we have. And I’m okay with that because at the end of the day, I did feel extremely safe during our stay.

Its like there was almost an unspoken agreement between guests. I help you and you help me, so we can feel safe and everyone can continue to enjoy the magic together.

If you decide to take your mask off or are wearing it wrong (Not covering the nose and mouth) on Disney property, a cast member will politely tell you to put your mask on or inform you of how to wear it correctly.

By the the time we got back to our resort room, I was really excited to take my mask off and enjoy a nice cold shower!

What Masks We Used:

We personally used the disposable every day masks that resemble a surgical mask. We got them off of Amazon, 50 for less than $20.00.

I went this route for us because I felt like at the end of the day we would get them all sweaty and gross. It also rains a lot in Florida and Disney has water rides in most parks, so It just seemed like a more reasonable way to go. (During our 2 week stay, it rained 5 days.)

I also felt like it would be easier and cheaper to take some spares with us to the park and replace them when or if needed.

I did buy a couple of cloth masks from Disney while I was down there, I had to have a Mickey Mouse mask and it was a good way to remember our 2020 pandemic trip.

The cloth mask from Disney were just too hot for me, I couldn’t even get through two hours with it on before switching back to the disposable masks.

Our kids are teenagers and they know exactly why we wear masks. Even though it was hot, they knew why we needed to wear them and I think it helped out quite a bit to cut back on the complaining.

We did put together a complete mask review for you to see what we experienced were the best masks to wear at the resorts and parks. We also go over what masks we wore on the airplanes and Uber rides to feel safe during our travels.

The kids did get hotter and more exhausted much quicker with the masks. I recommend keeping snacks, water bottles and Gatorades with you at all times and to keep an eye on your kids. Most of the time, when they’re losing energy or getting cranky, they really just need to eat or drink something.

We ordered our own snacks and drinks and had them delivered straight to our resort with our free 30 day Amazon Prime trial. See what snacks are our favorites to take with us in our Best Snacks To Pack Into The Parks article and what grocery stores will deliver to the resorts in our How to Save Money On Meals At Disney World article.

There’s also no shame in going back to the hotel for a break, they can take a nap or go swimming.

Because Florida is so hot and humid, there were a couple of times throughout the day when we were all cranky and snapping at each other. As soon as we took a break, took off our masks to eat and get some Gatorade in our bodies, it seems like everyone perked right up!

Resort Sanitizing

Alright, let’s talk about the Resorts. We had originally had reservations to stay at the Port Orleans Resort, but because of the resort closures we were switched over to the Caribbean Beach resort.

From day one of our trip planning we had two resorts picked out and the Caribbean Beach Resort was our second pick. So, I wasn’t too disappointed when Disney moved us over to the Caribbean Beach Resort.

The only thing that I was kind of disappointed with at this resort was the main pool area was always very crowded. Their main pool is themed very well and looked like a lot of fun but we didn’t get to take advantage of it this time around.

Guests not wearing a mask around the swimming pool, didn’t really bother us. It was just the fact that that pool was very overcrowded. Keep in mind when this pools meets compacity, you will have to wait outside of the pool area in a queue until.

The other pool area by our room was just a plain pool but was open 24 hours, which was a nice way to wear the kids down right before bed.

The only downside was sometimes you can hear rowdy guests staying at the pool until late. Keeping in mind we are not the only ones on vacation, we just left the TV on late to drown out the noise.

On Disney’s website they stated that resort towels would be single wrapped along with the remotes, cups, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. They also would double wrap pillows in two pillowcases.

All of this was in place, our room was very clean when we arrived except for the towels weren’t wrapped individually. I wasn’t disappointed by this by any means I just wanted to point out for those of you looking for these, don’t bother.

As far as sanitizing, I didn’t see any sanitizing happening inside the resort or on high touch areas. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, we weren’t in the lobby much due to online check-in.

Online, we were told that Bellhop was not available. We arrived to early from our red eye flight that we were not able to take advantage on the online services. A cast member at the front lobby was very nice and helped find us a room available for early check-in. She also arranged for Bellhop to help us with our bags, he gave us a ride in the resort van to our room and helped bring up all of our bags.

We also noticed the resort had quite a few open rooms available when we arrived, which is why we were able to get a room so early. We ended up being able to take a short nap before heading off to the parks. I really appreciate the Disney cast members going out of their way to find a room available for us so early in the morning. That extra little rest time really made a huge difference, and there isn’t really anything to do at 5am at the resorts!

The morning of check-out, we called the front desk and had Bellhop come to our room to grab our luggage and store it in their holding facility. We were then able to play at the parks for the rest of the day while our bags were safely stored away.

At The Parks

Upon arriving at the parks and before entering, you will need to stand in line for temperature checks and security. The whole process went much quicker than any of us had anticipated and was quite easy.

First Up Is Temperature Checks

As you all know Disney has implemented temperature checks before entering the parks. The lines were fairly long but they did go quick! All you do is step into the tent when a cast member asks you to step forward, and they will scan your forehead. They then tell you to have a magical day and you’ll move on to security.

I really thought this would slow things down in the morning and add some extra time to get in the parks. But really it only took about 3 seconds per person to take the temperature and send everyone on their way.

Then Off To Security

Security was also really easy this time around, they didn’t even touch our bags. Instead, you basically just walked through a metal detector that can detect just about anything inside your bags.

The only thing they asked us is if we had any large metal items such as umbrellas or cans of soda and then they sent us through the detector!

I do know that some of the detectors will go off if you have two cans of soda and another one went off with our electric misting fans. So we did have to let them check those bags with those items. The next time around, we just made sure to pull those out before entering the detectors.

But if you didn’t have anything metal or an umbrella in there, you just walked through the detector and everything was good. I was highly impressed by this, it made going through security line so much easier and quicker.

If Disneyland could also implement these new detectors, it would make a huge difference in their security lines in the morning as well!

Once you’ve made it past the temperature check station and also through the security lines, you then proceed to the actual entrance of the parks.

Getting Into The Parks

There are of course lines on the ground in order to keep your social distancing. The fingerprint systems are now gone, so all you need is your Magic Bands or park passes.

Throughout The Parks, Things You Will Notice

Upon entering the parks you’re going to notice that there are those social distancing marks on the ground everywhere. From the outside of the parks to food lines, rides and merchandise store. They are literally everywhere, whether people actually pay attention to these is entirely up to guests and cast members.

Besides the stickers on the ground, there are also sanitizing stations and wash stations throughout the parks as well. And of course the masks, every single guest and cast member has a mask on.

There is signage everywhere reminding you to wear your mask, wash your hands often and social distance. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. On every garbage can, at every entrance of every ride, every entrance or every restaurant and restroom. EVERYWHERE!

What’s Changed With Rides

Disney has tried to space out families as much as possible on most rides, but there are some rides that you will be sitting with other families. Its A Small World and Pirates, you will notice that there is an empty row between you and the other families. But rides like Splash Mountain and Space Mountain, we had our own log and train to ourselves.

Other rides such as Peter Pans Flight and the Haunted Mansion, spaced families out by only filling every other buggy and boats.

Besides the stickers on the ground that tell you where to stand. I also noticed that with all of the twists and turns throughout the queuing in the park, it’s kind of hard to keep track of where those lines are in the queue line. It can some times be difficult to try and see where the people are in front of you.

So, we sent a spotter to peak around the corner to see if the next family in front of us had moved up in line. This will make it so that the people behind you don’t think that you’re moving up to the next line, when you are really just trying to check around the corner.

There are areas in the queue lines that do not have the please stand here sticker on the ground and they appear to be more than the 6 feet apart. The reason we think that Disney did this is because in the smaller areas, they can only have a certain amount of people in that area at a time. So in order for Disney to keep down on the amount of people and families in that small area of the queue line, they have to space things out.

Its much like a brick lay, where you’ll see one sticker on the ground and then on the next row over you wont see one in the area. This way families aren’t standing next to each other in line which I think is really awesome of Disney to take into consideration.

There were cast members that did clean the handrails and the chains as in the queue lines. We did see that happen periodically throughout the day along with the pre-recorded reminders over the intercom to maintain social distancing and to wear a mask at all times. It also reminds you to wear your mask over your nose and chin, for those that cant remember how to wear a mask. And don’t worry, Disney has eyes everywhere. If you see someone in line not wearing their masks at all or wearing them incorrectly, a cast member will personally remind them over the intercom or in person.

The wait times for some rides seem to be higher than normal for this time of year. Disney has removed their Fastpasses and park hopping, making it so you have to stay in one park and there’s no way to go on the rides faster than other guests.

The standby time to a lot of rides were really off this time. Either you were in line for much longer than expected or the line went much quicker than expected, it was hardly ever in line with the posted wait time. I’m not sure if this is because of these social distancing stickers or if Disney is just having a hard time posting accurate times.

I didn’t see any of the time stamp lanyards being given to guests so they could get more accurate wait times needed to update the app/wait times. I’m assuming this is because they don’t want guests handling these time stamp lanyards for sanitary reasons.

So, the actual ride times can be very different than what’s posted which is kind of hard to go off of. Most of the rides queue lines actually went much quicker than usual. So for example, when you see a ride that is posted as a 45 minute wait time, you are most likely going to get on the ride between 25 and 35 minutes, which isn’t bad for Disney World. And then you have rides like Thunder Mountain with wait times posted at 35 minutes and you are in line for an hour.

Some of the rides like Space Mountain seemed like it took longer to actually walk through the building than it did to get on the actual ride. By the time you got through all of the empty queue lines and actually stopped moving, it only took about 5 to 10 minutes to get on the ride.

All of the hands on experiences in the queue lines have been removed or blocked off. On Space Mountain the interactive queue line has been completely removed. Before the pandemic, you would be able to play video games while waiting in line to get on the ride. On the plus side, we really didn’t see the wait time get above 15 minutes for Space. With there not being a long of a wait, you wouldn’t be able to play those games while waiting anyway.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, they blocked off the diamonds in the center that kids could touch and make music. This area and any other interactive area have been completely blocked off.

With the Haunted Mansion they took out the stretching room, it would be way too hard to try and social distance people in there. And there’s no way to just let each family experience it without causing the queue to be extremely long.

The butterfly shadows in the Peter Pan queue line have also been removed.

All of Thunder Mountains interactive queue experiences have also been removed. Waiting for this ride felt so hot due to the plexy glass, it made the line feel like a sauna in there!


We love eating at the signature restaurants, we are foodies for sure! So you can imagine how heart breaking it was for us to find out that the Dining plan was cancelled, and a lot of our favorite restaurants were not opening in the first phase.

In fact, when I was just getting all of our resort reservations switched over, dining reservations weren’t even available yet. So, we were really grateful that Disney opened reservations back up right before we left!

We were able to enjoy steaks at The Beauty and The Beast Castle and Le Cellier with last minute reservations and they never disappoint! If you are heading to Disney for a honeymoon or anniversary, I highly recommend Le Cellier at Epcot. We really enjoy their steaks, cheesy soup and even their salads are amazing.

Now that I’ve drooled on my keyboard, lets go over what has changed in the restaurants. You will wear your mask to your seat, at that time you can remove your mask to converse with your family and the waiters. When or if you get up to go to the restroom, you are required to put your mask back on. The only thing I had a problem with was trying to hear our waiter through their masks.

Menus are now gone, and they have been replaced with just papers with QR Scan Codes that take you to the digital online menu. Which would be fine, if my phone wasn’t being a turd while we were there. All 4 of us had to use one phone to look at the menu because mine just didn’t want to scan. If this happens to you, most restaurants still have their old menus. They other option is to hop on Disney’s website and view them from there.

Menu options have been condensed or substituted with prefix meals like The Beauty and The Beast Castle. Still delicious, just with fewer options.

And last but not least, there were fewer seating options. Every other table is either closed or removed to space tables and guests appropriately. This means fewer reservations available, so make sure you hop on early to grab your dining reservations.

Most quick service restaurants now require you to order via Mobile Ordering on the Disney World App. So its highly important that you try to keep your phone charged at all times and down load their app to all phones in your group. We recommend purchasing an external battery charger before you go. If you forget to pack one, don’t worry there are still charging areas near Rapunzel’s Tower.

See our What to buy and pack before you go, for a complete list of our must have items to make you Disney trip not only easy but cheaper!


Shopping hasn’t been completely eliminated but I can tell you that a lot of shops were closed. And those that weren’t closed were overcrowded. I also felt like because Disney has taken such a hard hit this year, that they haven’t really come out with any new inventory.

I usually end up getting something special every time we go, a ring, a necklace or just something that I clearly cant live without! But this trip was different, I felt like there was nothing new that caught my eye. I guess when you go to Disney as much as we do, we are bound to have those trips were nothing seems to be updated.

Headbands are always changing but it seems like that was really it. Oh well, I guess there’s always next year?!

Parades and Fireworks

Some of you may have heard already but the parades and fireworks have been completely shut down and removed. Disney has improvised to provide guests with a little bit of magic with small little parades, and promenades throughout the park several times a day. We did get see quite a few of them throughout our time at Magic Kingdom. Several different Disney characters floated through the park singing and dancing on these small parade floats. Other Disney characters were waiving and dancing from the roof tops or balcony’s throughout the parks periodically throughout the day.

So it’s not that they didn’t make an appearance throughout the park because that they did, you just aren’t able to take pictures with them.

I personally liked the little parades more mainly because you didn’t have to try to reserve a good spot for the parades or fire works. I always feel like when you are on such an expensive trip, its such a bummer to have to waste a good chunk of it reserving your spot so you have a good view.

Mickey, Minnie and Donald came out to sing and dance where the train station at the front of the park normally is. And it did look like those cast members were having a great time enjoying each other’s company and dancing together while waiving at all of the guests below.

As for the fireworks, Disney didn’t try to do anything small to make up for the lack of fireworks or night shows. With the parks are closing early, there’s really no need for them until Disney can extend their hours of operation.

Sanitizing Stations

I was really impressed by the way that Disney has set up their parks to accommodate a ton of sanitizing and hand washing stations throughout all of the parks. You will see sanitizer stations spread out in random areas of the parks and also at the very front of every ride before entering the queue line, and again before you actually get on the ride. There’s also more sanitizer at the exits of the rides as well.

This allows you to sanitize your hands a total of three separate times before you actually leave that ride, which is amazing. And it’s set up like this for all of their rides. I didn’t see a single ride that didn’t have enough hand sanitizer or stations that were completely out of sanitizer.

There was never a point while we were there that I didn’t feel like my hands were not sanitized or there was not a way to clean my hands.

You will also see actual hand cleaning stations in Toy Story Land and a couple of other areas, mostly in the kid lands.

Our family made it a point to keep a close eye on the kids and ourselves to make sure we sanitized as we were walking into the queue line and again after the ride. Making sure to not touch railings and things like that to avoid picking up germs.

I would be lying if I told you that every little kid in the park was wearing their masks correctly and not picking their noses and sneezing on the railings. Sorry, I know that’s not what you want to hear! So, just to stay on the safe side, I really would just try to keep your hands in your pockets.

Before you take your trip to any Disney theme park, I highly recommend taking time if you haven’t already to explain to your children why wearing masks and sanitizing is extremely important right now. Making them aware of why we have these precautions will hopefully make it so you aren’t fighting your children at the happiest place on earth.

Before we left home, we were able go over everything with our teens. How the world has changed, how our experience this time around will be much different than our previous vacations.

I did have to sit down and speak with my son about the proper way to handle yourself on an airplane. I let him know that once we get on the airplane, he’s to take a sanitizing wipe and sanitize his whole area. Anything that he will be touching needs to be sanitized before he sits down, including the seat belt and trays. And then I just reminded him that before he goes to the restroom he needs to sanitize his hands.

Why Though, This Seems Like An Overkill

So we are all keeping our germs to ourselves and not sharing them on the handles of the restroom for other people to touch. Then we are going to wash our hands before leaving the restroom and sanitize again after we get back to our seat. That way after we’ve touched the bathroom door handle, we make sure to not bring those germs back with us. I was more than paranoid to fly, if you couldn’t tell!

Lately, we have heard a lot of people say they will not go out in public with their children right now, and they would never dream of taking them to theme park. Not because they are worried about germs but because they cant get their kids to keep their masks on.

We did see a lot of young children throughout Disney, Universal Studios and the Airports that kept them on just fine. To the people who are saying that masks bother their children, again I highly recommend that you take some time to educate your children on germs.

You don’t need to scare them by any means, but we need to start taking into consideration that this may be the new norm for quite some time. And now, just like we have to wear shoes to the store or school we have to wear a mask as well.


All airlines and airports now require you to wear a mask. Taxis, Uber, shuttles, you name it, they all require you to wear masks at all times.

The airlines will give you one warning to put your mask on or wear it correctly and that’s it. If you choose to not wear your mask during your flight you will be escorted off the plane. After that, they will red-flag you and you will not be able to use their airlines anymore.

The airlines will cancel your return ticket and you will not be reimbursed for the cost of your ticket. The flight attendants will remind you of this new policy during their safety instructions. Don’t be surprised when you go to Disney or to take a trip anywhere else in the world, and you have to wear a mask on the flight.

Masks are not comfortable, no one wants to wear them but businesses are now requiring us to wear them in order to use their services. If you do not want to wear a mask you are choosing to not use their services. You do not have to go to Disney or travel anywhere else right now. You can wait until the mask mandates are lifted. But please, for the sake of everyone around you do not make a stink about the masks.

Disney and the airlines have a strict no tolerance rule. If you or your child has a disability or if you are traveling with someone who has a disability and they cannot wear a mask, you will need to wait until the mask mandate is lifted. I know this is not fair, and I am truly sorry that not everyone is able to go out and about right now. But unless we work together, we will never be able to get our current pandemic state under control.

I did read an article in the news recently, Disney did have to turn a family away because a family member was not able to wear a mask due to their disabilities. This could have been completely avoided had the family gone on Disney’s website or simply called them to see what their mask policies are. This family wasted so much time and money on this trip and they couldn’t enjoy it because they didn’t look into Disney’s mask policy.

It was truly a heartbreaking story and I know if it were me in that situation, I would have been crushed. So I urge you to wait to travel if you or anyone in your family is unable to wear a mask for at least 8 hours a day, or has an underlining condition. Disney will still be there when this pandemic is over and with more magic than ever!

What We Missed The Most

With everything in the parks changing, the things we missed the most were park hopping and the Disney Dining Plan. It was also really strange to not have Fastpasses any more. Standing in long lines in the August heat is for the birds!

I will be so happy when we get Fastpasses back! Not sure what Fastpasses are or how they work? That’s okay, we have a complete guide of which rides use the Fastpass system and the different tiers available.

Fastpasses run out for certain rides really quick, so its important to make sure to get those reservations first. Check out our Must Have Fastpass guide to see which Fastpasses run out first and what rides you don’t really need them for.

Most guests weigh out the pros and cons of the dining plan, sometimes it will actually cost you more to use the dining plan because . But if you use your credits wisely, you can come out way ahead depending on where you eat. I personally like the way the dining plan makes your vacation feel like an all inclusive trip. Our teens would eat us out of house and home if we let them. With the dining plan you wont have to say no to your kids when they ask for snacks or specialty drinks.

If you are traveling to Disney next year, I highly recommend checking out our guide on Disney Worlds Dining Plan to see if its right for you and your family. The convenience alone is worth it for us!

Reduced Everything?

Yep, Disney has reduced their hours of operation, their staff, the magic and everything in between. Did we still enjoy ourselves? ABSOLUTELY! Would we do it again? Probably, but without the kids this time. I think right now is a great time for an adults trip if you have already been to Disney World.

The problem with taking a trip to Disney right now is if this is your time visiting, you will be missing out on quite a bit. If this is going to be your one and only trip, I would wait so you can experience everything the way it should be.

Disney has a whole list on restaurants, resorts, attractions and stores that are closed for the time being on their website for you to view. We’ve also put together a list of the attractions and entertainment that will remain closed during this first phase. As time goes by and we push through this pandemic together, Disney will slowly start to reopen more areas, extend hours, and the daily capacity will grow. Keep checking back for new updates.

Want to save money on Disney World tickets? Undercovertourist.com has discount tickets for Disney World! You can take advantage of a layaway program where you can make payments on your vacation with Getawaytoday.com! Use our promo code DTAT10 to save $10.00 off of your next Disney trip.

What do you think of this phased reopening? Have you been to Disney World during the pandemic, what are you missing the most right now? Do you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share or things we should be aware of? Let us know!

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