Why We Shop For Disney Merchandise At Hot Topic

So lately I’ve had a lot of people asking where I get all of my cute Disney gear and I will tell you, it’s a place you least expect… Hot Topic!

Hot Topic has the quality and price that everyone wants and needs in their life right now. Not only do they carry Loungefly backpacks but they are usually half the price of everywhere else, including Disney!

If you aren’t aware of what Loungefly backpacks are, well you will be after your next Disney trip! All of the backpacks sold in Disney parks are made by Loungefly. These include the cute Mickey and Minnie or Disney friends backpacks, wallets and fanny packs. Save yourself some money with these cute ones that you cant find anywhere in the parks, and you’ll be the only ones with them!

If you are also thinking about going to Universal Studios Orlando, make sure to grab all of your Harry Potter gear before you go. I can assure you, you wont see these mini backpacks sold anywhere at Universal Studios. I have had so many people stop me to ask where I got my cute Harry Potter backpacks and shirts.

With Disney Worlds new Star Wars Land you will see plenty of “The Child” and of course Star Wars fans everywhere. The only thing that I did notice within Star Wars Land is that they really don’t have very much merchandise. You will see some shirts and stuffed animals here and there, but nothing like shopping Hot Topics online Star Wars and Mandalorian Collection.

Face Masks

Hot Topic also has a large variety of face masks to choose from! If you are visiting the Disney parks during the pandemic, masks are required basically 24/7 while on Disney properties.

Not only do they have your favorite Disney characters but also Marvel and Harry Potter, for those of you heading to Universal Studios. Hot Topic has so many masks to choose from, you will have a hard time not buying them all. They have a wide variety of both male and female masks that fit well and are super soft on your face.


Hot Topic carries just about everything when it comes to clothing. They have some really cute Disney dresses.

Its really hard to find cute unique Disney shirts locally and I really don’t like seeing other people in the same Disney attire as myself. I like to stand out and be different from every other guest, or at least as much as possible.


I have yet to see this many Disney inspired shoes on any other website or in stores. Not only are they ridiculously cute but affordable as well!

I really love cute ballet flats and these ones are right up my ally. If you are anything like me and love eating at signature restaurants at Disney, you know the struggle of looking nice for dinner after a day at the park! On one of our trips, with extended hours i was able to go back to the hotel and freshen up before dinner. This last trip during the pandemic, with cut hours there is just not enough time for that.

These shoes are perfect for a quick wardrobe change to freshen up your look for dinner! Not only would they go with an everyday outfit but also a cute sun dress.


If you aren’t aware yet, pin trading is the new thing to do at Disney parks. Not only does Hot Topic have a wide range of Disney pins but also just about any other pin you could possibly imagine! Don’t forget to check out their lanyards, you will need one of those too!

Throws and Blankets

Small Appliances

Hot Topic has the perfect gifts for all of the Disney lovers in your life! And if you have some one in your family that are huge Stitch or Nightmare Before Christmas fans, they have plenty of merch that wont break the bank!

Crock Pots, Pop Corn Poppers, Cake Pop makers, Coffee Mugs and so much more!!!

As you can tell, they really have a little bit of everything for the Disney lovers! Not a huge Disney fan? Well that’s okay to! Hot Topic also has a ton of Avengers and Star Wars gear so you can still be a part of the Disney family without wearing a Disney character!

Like I said before, I really enjoy the huge variety and quality that you find in Hot Topics products. I always feel like I’m getting the better end of the deal when my merch arrives! If don’t want to feel like you are getting ripped off by another Disney merchandise store, I urge you to start buying from Hot Topic.

How To Score A Better Deal

Disney trips already cost an arm and a leg… Possibly a kidney… Here’s how you can save some extra money before you go buy shopping ahead of your next trip!

Sign up for their emails and get 30% off your next order (These are how I personally keep an eye on their site).

Cyber Monday is today, get up to 50% off the ENTIRE store, today only.

20% off store wide until December 31st.

15% off with FREE in store pickup.

But honestly, keep checking back on their website, they run deals constantly and you can always find some amazing gear in the sales section as well.

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