How To Use Disneyland’s Rider Switch.

Hey guys! I wanted to write an article on how the Rider Switch works at Disneyland, I don’t think very many families know about this little gem. Some of you may have a baby or toddler that does not want to ride a certain ride, maybe isn’t tall enough or is finally taking a much-needed nap! And that’s okay, Rider switch will allow everyone in the group to ride the ride while the baby sleeps. This will allow you to take your other child/children on the ride and then switch off with your spouse, so you are able to ride the ride with your child/children too all without waiting in line again! I know, it sounds to go to be true, but it isn’t!

How to get a Rider Switch pass:

As you enter the ride Que, ask the closet cast member for help with Rider Switch. They will provide you with instructions and a special pass for the Rider Swap. This pass is going to make it, so you don’t have to get all the way back in line for the other adult to ride the ride. Not all of the rides include Rider Switch, but I have included a list of the ones that do have it.

Rides that include Rider Switch:

Rider Switch is available at all attractions in Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park

How it works:

Everyone in your party must approach the cast member at the entrance of the rides Que. your group will then be divided into 2 different parties. Group# 1 waits in line and rides the attraction first. While Group#2 supervises the non-rider. When Group# 1 is done riding the ride, Group# 2 will then return to the Lightening Lane Fastpass line or through the entrance exit, each ride is different to enjoy the ride while Group#1 supervises the non-rider. Group#2 will have their passes added to the admission ticket, it is not a paper ticket anymore.

Group# 2 can have up to 3 people, including people from Group# 1. This can be a confusing process, but it allows for the older child to ride the ride once with mom and once with dad, this way no one is left out of the fun or the pictures!

How to use Rider Switch with the Genie+ Lightening Lane:

Lightening Lane will give you two different ways to utilize Rider Switch.

1. Everyone in the group receives a Lightening Lane Fastpass. Group# 1 uses Lightening Lane Fastpass, then Group# 2 uses their Lightening Lane Fastpass.

2. Group# 1 gets Lightening Lane Fastpass and Group# 2 utilizes the Rider Switch pass.


If you use Rider Switch without Lightening Lane Fastpass, make sure the lines are no longer than 40 minutes. If they are, ask a cast member to ads an admit time to your return. Why you ask? Because you Rider Switch pass is only good for 1 hour!

What to do while I wait for Group#1 to finish:

Here are some good examples of what you can do while Group# 1 rides the ride and Group# 2 waits.

If Group#1 is riding Indianan Jones Adventure, Group# 2 can play in Tarzan’s Treehouse, shop, grab a Dole Whip or a snack from Bangel Bites.

While you are waiting to ride Splash Mountain, Group# 2 can ride the Winnie the Pooh ride, feed the ducks near the Hungry Bear Restaurant, or browse in the shops nearby.

If you are waiting to ride Space Mountain, Group# 2 will typically have enough time to ride Buzz Lightyear, if times right your little one can join the Jedi Academy, ride Finding Nemo or grab an ice cream on Main Street.

Have you used the Rider Switch pass before? Share your tips and tricks below!

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