Disney Has You Covered, Dont Pack These!

Hey guys! I know I have written several articles on what to bring to the park with you. In this one, you will find out what can be left behind. There’s no need to over pack anymore. Lets face it, you will most likely be packing for everyone in your family, so lets make this easier on you!

Bandages and First Aid items:

Nurses are available at the First aid Center and the have over-the-counter medications, bandages and other quick remedies. We have stopped into them several times to grab the biggest band aides they had, to go on the bottom of our feet and some Aleve! My daughter also got stepped on while in line for a ride and was bleeding on her big toe. We took her over to the nurses station and they were able to fix her right up! They can also store medications which require refrigeration, and they have special containers for disposal of hypodermic needles.

Insect Repellent:

Insect repellent is available at Disney World but not Disneyland. There are several areas throughout the parks that have the insect repellent for your convenience, just ask a cast member if you are not able to locate it. You will mostly need it at your Resort and Animal Kingdom where you are near the lake or animals.

Over The Counter Medicine:

The First Aid Nurses station has these available for you at any time. All you need to do is go visit them, sign a release form and tada! Free medicine, now you can enjoy the rest of the magic without a headache or sore back!

Shampoo, Soap and Lotion:

I personally bring my own shampoo and conditioner for myself. There is no need to pack some for everyone because the Disney Resorts actually have really good products. I love their lotion and the bar of soap has a Disney logo on it! So cute, I didn’t want to use it!


I like to haul in an empty water bottle and then ask for free ice water from any quick service restaurant. You can add flavoring or just enjoy the nice crisp ice cold water. There really is no need to carry around water bottles and jugs anymore. I personally use a water bottle mister so I can drink water and cool off at the same time. You can find those on my packing list, click here for what to bring!


Tissue packets are also available at the First Aid center if needed. Although you probably wont want to treck all they way back to the front of the park for them!

To Sum It Up:

I always encourage everyone to pack what they think they will need because honestly, who wants to be stuck at Disney missing something that is important them? This list is just a guide for those who are trying to pack light.

I have a list, click here of items to bring with you to the park. I recommend buying what you can before you head out to save some money on your trip.

If you would like to see what items you can get at Disneyland for free, click here.

And lastely, for break down of where to purchase Disneyland tickets, click here.

Is there anything we missed on our list? Let us know!

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