What To Wear To Disney World

Hey guys! I thought we would go over what to wear to Disney World. I’ve put together a list of items to buy before you go to save you some money in the long run!

I’m not saying don’t buy a special T-shirt or jacket while you are at Disney World, because everyone deserves an awesome souvenir! But you may want to buy some things before you go to save you some extra cash!

To start out, we are going to list some ideas for adults first and kids second. You will notice that there aren’t many items on here for men. Mainly because I don’t feel like they are into Disney as much as the rest of us.

Lastly, we will go over what I normally pack for 5 days at Disney World so you can get an idea of what that looks like.

What to wear to Disney World


I know, this is kind of obvious! Depending on the time of year you are traveling to Disney World, it might not be warm enough for tank tops. And sometimes it’s just nice to have a light and flowy character tee.

Amazon, Khols, Target, ShopDisney.com ($10.00 T-shirt sale is happening right now!), and Etsy have some really cute character T-shirts to choose from. Here are some cute ideas from Amazon!

Adult T-shirts:

Kids T-shirts:

Tank Tops

I would highly recommend checking the weather before you leave for Disney World. We usually go in early May, and it is borderline too hot for me!

I am quite positive that the Animal Kingdom is a lot hotter and more humid than all of the other parks. I recommend taking more tank tops than T-Shirts. When we go for 5 days, I usually take 5 tank tops and 3 T-shirts for back up!

Adult tank tops:

Kids tank tops:

Side note: Don’t forget the SUN BLOCK! I have out together a whole list of items that are a must, make sure this is on the top of you packing list.


Shorts are also a must when traveling during the warm months. Here are some cute ideas for shorts that are both jeans and some that are a bit flowier.

Florida is so humid that you may want to pack some shorts that are not jeans. No one likes chafing! Body Glide is also on my must have packing list!

Adult shorts:

Kids shorts:


So, I am actually partial to the idea of walking around all day in sandals. Mainly because straps digging into my sweaty feet all day sounds like a blister just waiting to happen!

Some people love wearing sandals to Disney World and can handle it! Im going to try this year; these sandals have fantastic reviews and are now on my list!

Walking Shoes

I highly recommend taking several different pairs of shoes with you. I usually take a pair of walking shoes, comfortable shoes and running shoes.

I really like to rotate my shoes throughout the trip, I have very sensitive feet! I also include a cute pair of dress sandals if we are going to a Signature/Fine Dining restaurant.


I don’t really think there is any reason to explain… I have listed some sports performance underwear for the hot months. Remember, you will be walking a lot and sweating a ton!


Okay, so this is a MUST! I never realized how important a nice pair of socks are until our last couple of trips. I now buy a new pack of socks for all of my trips that require a lot of walking. The extra padding and moisture control makes these worth every single penny!

Baseball Caps

It’s essential to some folks that maybe have an exposed scalp or do not want to have a burned head that you include a baseball cap or sun hat of some kind.

I’ve never tried to use sunblock on my head (Because it would turn my hair into a greasy mess) but I probably would if I was traveling to Florida in the summer and forgot a hat!

Adults Baseball Caps

Kids Baseball Caps


Here’s just a couple of cute ideas for sunhats!

Adult sunhats

Kids sunhats

Sun dresses

I know what some of you are thinking, why would I want to wear a dress to an amusement park? Well, you may want to if you have dining reservations at a nicer restaurant in the park.

Also, I feel like they are a lot more comfortable in the warmer months. If you are going to be a sweaty mess, we may as well look adorable!

Adult sundresses

Kids sundresses

Hair Ties

PLEASE DONT FORGET HAIR TIES! After riding all of the rides, sweating all day, swimming… Trust me, your little one’s hair is going to be a tangled up mess.

To ease the pain of brushing hair for hours trying to get all of the knots out. I suggest doing their hair in a super tight braid or ponytail, tie it down tight!

Light jacket

I know, its Florida! But like any other state, it does get cold at night. When we visited in May it was still chilly at night and when we rode the Ferry.

We normally would come back to the hotel mid-day for a rest, and I would just tie a jacket around my waist for the last half of the day. Some of the rides can also be chilly!

Adults light jackets

Kids light jackets

Swim Wear

Yep, it’s pretty important to not forget your swimsuits! I love these cute Mommy and me matching suits! How much do you think I would have to pay my teenager to wear a matching swimsuit with me?!!! These are adorable!

Adult swim wear

Kids swim wear

Swim Shoes

Something to think about is swim shoes. I would recommend taking them if you are planning on going to the water parks. Only because the ground can be scorching and also rough on the bottom of your feet.

Adult swim shoes

Kids swim shoes

Rain Ponchos

These are highly important! Just think about enjoying Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids without getting even a drop of water on you! Yep, I know it sounds fantastic to not have wet clothes sticking to your skin for half of the day!

Make sure to pack one poncho for each of you. What I normally do is we put them in our park bag in a big ziploc bag. Then after we use them, I just fold them up the best I can and store them in the ziploc so nothing else in our bag gets wet.

When we get back to the resort, I hang them up to dry overnight and repack them in the morning.


Depending on the time of year, you can bet you will see a lot of sun! Sunglasses will help keep the headaches away and who doesn’t like a stylish pair of sunglasses.

I recommend not taking your favorite Oakley’s or Ray-Bans. Mainly because I accidentally left my $240.00 sunglasses on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and just about lost my wits. Luckily someone was nice enough to give them to a cast member!

I also lost a cheap pair of sunglasses on the Matterhorn at Disneyland. I did not get those ones back because they fell on the track. Those were cheap ones, so I didn’t mind. I had learned my lesson from the year before to leave my good sunglasses in the hotel.

Adult sunglasses

Kids sunglasses

Pearl Holder

In the Japan pavilion, there is a pick a pearl activity that is so cool. They have tanks filled with Oyster shells and for $18.00 (I think…) you can pick your own Oyster shell that contains a pearl in it. It’s quite the production, I loved it!

When you have picked your shell, they open it right in front of you to reveal your pearl. After that, you have the choice to take your pearl home in a baggy, purchase a pearl cage necklace or ring. I choose a ring and my total cost came to about $100.00.

I didn’t really like the pearl necklace cages. This time we are purchasing the cages we want before we go. Amazon has a ton to choose from and Etsy also had some cute character cages.


A lightweight comfortable backpack is great for those long days at the park. We like to get backpacks that are more on the unisex side so that anyone in the family can wear it. It helps when everyone can just take turns wearing the bag so not just one person is burdened by it the wholes time.

I usually carry a character mini backpack for my wallet and phone ($80.00 from Disney). They are super adorable and small enough to shove in the bigger bag if needed.

Cross Over Bag

For those of you that aren’t wearing a backpack or don’t like to wear one, another great option is a cross over bag. These will free up your hands and make you feel like your items are still safe and close to you.

Fanny Pack

With all of these new cute designs out now, who doesn’t want to wear a Fanny Pack! They are just so convenient. The only thing I don’t like about them is they get in the way of lap bars making it so they can’t close all the way down. And taking them on and off for every other ride is kind of a pain. But they are super handy!


As a person that owns at least 15 headbands, I can tell you they are super fun to match with outfits! Shopdisney.com likes to run sales on them, so you can buy them before you go for $15.00 on select styles or they are $27.99 and up and the parks.

Amazon also has a ton of them that are usually pretty cheap. Some are Disney brands and others are knock offs for much cheaper. For really unique but often more expensive ears, Etsy has some really cute ones!


Disney does have several princess dresses available at the park. Most of them are $65.00 and up. You can save a lot of money by purchasing from Amazon or Shopdisney.com before you go.

If you are planning on splurging for the Bibbity Bippity Boutique, then you won’t need one. But if you want to mimic this experience, it’s super easy to buy glitter hair spray and one of these costumes before you go.

Matching Family Shirts

These matching shirts are just too cute to pass up on! Etsy also has some really cute custom shirts too that are just to die for!


Depending on the time of the year that you are traveling it can get colder at night, in rides and on the Ferry. I recommend packing one sweater or jacket no matter the season, just in case.

Adult sweaters

Kids sweaters


Leggings are essential for those colder nights. You know, the ones that are chilly but not so cold that you need to bundle up? I like to keep a pair of leggings rolled up in the bottom of my park bag. They are light weight and can easily be changed into if you get cold, wet or just spill something on yourself.

Pants/Track Pants

I like track pants because they are good for any time of the year. They won’t be too hot for spring and will keep you extra comfortable throughout the day!

Womens track pants

Mens track pants


Once your hands and feet get cold, it won’t be long before the rest of you is cold. Gloves are easy to roll up and keep in the bottom of your park bag for those colder nights.

Adult gloves

Kids gloves


Again, this is just another thing to put in the bottom of your park bag for those colder months! These cute beanies will allow you to stay warm and still show off your Mickey’s ears!

Adult beanies

Kids beanies

And this concludes are list for what to wear to Disney World. Weve gone over the warm season and cold just to make sure that we cover all of the bases for you!

We have also put together an extensive list for what to buy and pack before you go to save you a bit of money on your next Disney trip.

If you are thinking about saving even more money by taking in your own meals or snacks, we have an article on what are the best snacks to pack in your park bag.

We have also gone the extra mile to locate grocery stores near Disney World that will deliver straight to your resort. These include Amazon Pantry and several other fantastic local stores!

What Clothes Do I Pack For A 5 Day Disney World Trip?

5 Tank Tops

3 T-Shirts

10 Under shirts

2 Leggings/Track pants

5 Shorts

1 or 2 Dresses depending on our dinners

1 Jacket

10 Socks, brand new

1 Running shoes with a high arch, 1 comfortable shoe, 1 walking shoes, and a cute dressy sandal. I usually travel in my Teiks, so I can also shove those in the bottom of our park bag if needed.

2 Swimsuits and a cover up

2 Jammies

All of my headbands… Because you never know when you might want to change up your ears for the day!

1 Park bag, 1 mini back pack, 1 fanny pack

1 Hat

Underwear, this is up to you on how many you plan to take!

Micky watch and all of my cute Disney jewelry!

To Sum It Up

This may seem like a lot of items to pack for only 5 days. But it takes a lot to feel cute when you are drenched in sweat and beat from a long Disney day. You also have to take into consideration, that you may come back to the resort to rest and just shower mid-day.

What are your go to items to take with you to Disney World?! Let us know!

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