With a little bit of Pixie dust…

As I sit here pondering where to start, I keep asking myself, is this the right move, do I have time to start a blog? What if not a single person ever reads it, and my thoughts and ideas never reach a single person.

Cinderella was once told to have courage and be kind. I find that motto even more important now more than ever. As I write about the Disney parks, my experiences, and reviews on the park restaurants, please keep in mind that I am NOT a professional writer. I may mix up my words a bit, so please bear with me!

As I sit here, thinking about the things I enjoy most in life, (besides family), it has to be Disney, and yes, I am one of those people that truly get Disneyland homesick. I don’t feel like I get to go enough, but will it ever really be enough? It must be the magic that keeps pulling me back.

Throughout this blog, I will go over what restaurants are in each park, which ones are my favorite and why, and finally, ways to save on your Disney trips and how to plan them according to your needs.
So with a little bit of courage, kindness, and a pinch of Pixie dust, we begin our journey to the happiest place on earth…


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