15 Ways To Save Money At Disney World!

Hey everyone, today we are going to go over 15 meal saving ideas that will help keep the cost of your Disney World vacation down! Eating can be expensive in the parks and I know how much money you have already spent on flights, hotels, and tickets. So, let’s try and keep the cost of your food down to help you save money at Disney World!

Save Money At Disney World By Go during Disney’s Free Dining:

Disney does offer a promotion, usually during the fall time that includes the Dining for free. Your Resort pick will determine the type of plan you will receive with your stay. I’ve done the math on this several times to see if it is worth and if the dinning is, in fact, free and IT IS!!!

UPDATE!!! Disney is running this promotion right now until January 16th!!!

Deluxe Villa and Resorts- Disney Dining Plan

Moderate and Value Resorts- Quick Service Dining Plan

Avoid The Dining Plan:

If you are not planning a vacation during the free dining promotion, a good way to save money at Disney World is to skip the dining plan. The dining plans can be quite expensive. I have broken down the cost of each plan per day per adult or child. If you are not a big eater, I would not recommend this plan.

  • Quick Service Dining Plan $52.49, child 3-9 $23.78
  • Disney Dining plan $75.49,  child $27.98
  • Deluxe Dining Plan $116.24, child $43.49

Save some money by taking in your own meals, see my full list of the easiest snacks to pack in the park for some awesome ideas!

Grocery Delivery Service Through Amazon:

Amazon Prime Now will deliver to your Resort and is completely free if you spend over $35.00. AND get this! Your delivery will be within 2 hours and they have everything you need, from dairy products to deluxe snack packs! You can choose 1 hour delivery for an additional fee. So, by the time you get out of the shower and get ready for the day, your groceries will already be delivered to your Resort! Try Amazons free 30 days right before you leave, you can cancel your subscription at any time!

Take In Your Own Meals Or Snacks:

With Amazon Prime Now, you can easily take in your snacks and lunch! Click here to get some examples of the perfect snacks to take to the parks with you.

Save money at Disney World

Eat Breakfast In The Hotel:

So, I’ve never eaten at a Disney breakfast and thought this is the best meal I’ve had! If there is one thing that Disney is lacking, I think its the quality of the actual breakfast meal. Character dining is super fun, but don’t expect the best food you’ve ever had! You can easily have a doughnut or mini muffins at the hotel and just skip in-park breakfast.

Skip Breakfast And Grab A Granola Bar:

Why not eat on the go?! I know a lot of families that take their breakfast with them, and eat it while waiting in line at rope drop!

Bring Your Own Drinks:

With drink prices around $3.99 per drink, have Amazon deliver your Gatorade or Sodas to your Resort, and save some major money of drinks!

Water Is Free At Quick-Service Restaurants, Bring Mio Or Kool-Aid To Add To It!

Avoid character meals:

Character meals tend to be some of the most expensive restaurants in Disney. If you can skip them, do!

Avoid Signature And Table Service Meals:

Signature restaurants are the top-notch most expensive restaurants to eat at. I have personally had the chance to taste quite a few of them, and I will tell you they are the best meals I’ve ever had. But if you don’t have the extra money to spend, then skip the signature restaurants!

Avoid Meals And Just Get The Burger Or Sandwich, With Free Water.

Choose Table Service Meals For Lunch:

Table Service meals tend to be much cheaper for breakfast and lunch rather than dinner. If you can do a sit-down meal at a table service restaurant, lunch is a perfect time. Then, head back to your Resort for dinner. Amazon has plenty of frozen items to purchase and heat in the microwave, such as burritos!

Share Meals:

Disney does a fantastic job of offering huge meals with a ton of options to choose from. Don’t be afraid to share a meal with one of your little ones. I have a teen that eats like a baby bird, so he and I share meals quite a bit!

Eat At Quick Service Restaurants:

Quick service restaurants are much cheaper than table service and signature restaurants. And with Disney, you won’t feel like you are missing out on something special because all of the meals are pretty dang good!

Order Kids Meals For Adults For A Light Lunch, I Promise Disney Doesn’t Care!

To Sum It All Up:

There are several ways to save money at Disney World, don’t let the cost of food keep you from going to Disney or from having a good time. If you are looking for other ways to save on your trip, here are a couple of additional articles you might benefit from.

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Do you know of any additional ways to save money at Disney World? Let us know!

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