Bring The Magic Home With The Mickey Scent Box

During these past months of closures during this pandemic. I find we have a lot of Disney fans that aren’t able to enjoy Disney parks right now. Either we have bit the bullet and travelled to Disney World to experience half of what Disney has to offer or we are sitting at home wishing Disneyland would just open already.

I have been lucky enough to experience both this year! We have travelled over to Disney World mainly because we have the Disney blues and will take what we can get right now. Though we love Disney World, I think our hearts will always belong to Disneyland or as I call home.

We have tried several different ways to ease the pain of not being able to visit our favorite parks. I find, the best way to fill that void in your heart is to fill it with more Disney!

This week we are bringing the scents of Disney. The Columbia Fragrance Co. has come out with several different Mickey and Disney inspired fragrance boxes for you to choose from that will bring those amazing Disney smells right to your front room.

We recently just got our first Mickey Subscription Box, and to my surprise it was the Tikki Room.

And I will tell you, this box smells just as you would imagine the Tikki Room would smell! Like amazing mouth watering fresh fruit!

Here’s What Was Included In Our Box:

1 Candle- Polynesian Paradise

The different scents are harder for me to pick up on in this candle. It just smells so much like an exotic tropical paradise. You can smell hints of vanilla and fruits and best of all its slow burning so I will be able to enjoy this candle for quite some time.

1 Fragrant Spray- Luaus and Leis

The key ingredients are Coconut, Mango Papaya and Pineapple. You can really smell the Coconut and Pineapple in this spray, it has such a nice fruity fresh scent to it. I actually really love spraying this on my pillows, it really reminds me of the Polynesian or of course the Tikki Room.

1 Foaming Hand Wash

This seriously smells like you are eating a Pineapple Dole Whip, if you can imagine the way it tastes that is what this Hand Wash smells like. The only down side, it really makes me wish I had a real Dole Whip in my hands right now!

1 Towel

This cute hand towel is the magical surprise gift that is included in all of the subscription boxes. This might be my favorite design yet! The Mickey head has a beautiful glittery Hibiscus flower on it, you cant get more tropical than that!

The Tikki Room subscription box did not disappoint, if you love the smells of the Polynesian, Pineapple Dole Whip and tropical paradise you would have loved this box too!

Home – The Columbia Fragrance Co. (

What Boxes Are Available:

Scent By Mickey Subscription Box $27.75 (subscribe to save 10%)

Each Box Contains:

One candle

Two fragrance products

One special, magical gift!

Scent By Mickey subscription boxes – The Columbia Fragrance Co.

Walt’s Wonderful World $29.75

Each Box Contains:

One candle, 8oz tin

One fragrance spray, 4oz 

One Mickey soap, 6oz

One Mickey keychain

Scent By Mickey – Walt’s Wonderful World box – The Columbia Fragrance Co.

Candle Gift Box Set $60.00

Choose up to four fragrances to bring the happiest fragrances into your home. 

Each box contains four 8oz travel tin candles, snuggly packaged in a black gift box and topped with a happy red and white polka dot bow. 

Scent By Mickey candle gift box – The Columbia Fragrance Co.

Holiday Gift Box $50

Each Box Contains:

One large candle 10oz

One small travel candle 8oz

One fragrance spray 4oz

Two Mickey soaps

Two Mickey ornaments

Snuggly packaged in a black gift box and topped with a happy red and white polka dot bow. The soaps are available in Walt’s Wonderful World (Green Clover and Aloe) only. 

Scent By Mickey holiday gift box – The Columbia Fragrance Co.

Mickey soaps $5.75 VIP members only (see below for more info)

4oz fragrant sprays $8.25

Polynesian Paradise- Candles, wax melts, fragrance spray, oil diffusors, reed diffusors, body spray and soaps.

POLYNESIAN PARADISE- Tropical Spice – The Columbia Fragrance Co.

Easy Ways To Save:

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VIP Membership

For a $25, you receive the following benefits:

$10 gift card

15% discount throughout our store

Members only Scent By Mickey products and fragrances

Membership in our VIP Facebook group

And more to come! 

VIP members will recover their investment when their purchases total $150. 

Before placing your VIP orders, you will need to log in to your account so the system recognizes you. Without being logged in, the discount will not be applied in your cart. 

*Gift card to be sent separately 48 hours after club purchase. 

Join our VIP Club! – The Columbia Fragrance Co.

If you are looking for something to surprise a Disney fan with, well this is it! Not only does it smell amazing, but it takes you back to the good old days when all the parks were open!

What are you doing to bring the Disney magic back into your home? Are you lighting candles that remind you of Disney? Making Disney recipes? Decorating with your favorite Disney characters? Maybe wearing your Mickey/Minnie ears around the house just because you can?!

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