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Weekly Disney Round Up

I am happy to say that 2020 is over! Yaay, we all made it and lucky enough for me and my family I can say we made it without a scratch. I realize that there are so many families out there that cant say the same and my heart goes out to them.

Disney, like many other companies, has had to shut down, reopen, shut down again reopen… And of course not open at all. Many employees lost their jobs, many employees are now back to work. It’s been a rough year for everyone, but I’m glad we all stuck it out and worked together to push through to a new year!

Happy 2021!

To start off 2021 with a bang, we are going to start bringing you short weekly updates on what is happening with Disney. Mostly news in regards to the Disney parks, highlighting the positive fun things heading our way.

This Week In Disneyland:

Governor Newsome has extended California’s stay at home order. What does this mean for our home base? It’s still closed and will remain closed. Downtown Disney will be open only to take out dining.

Refurbishments seem to be done with the new Snow White ride and the new Avengers Campus… And now we wait…

This In Disney World

Plexy glass dividers were added to the Monorail platforms and half circle cut outs added to the barriers inside the Monorail for fire safety.

Plexy glass was seen added to its a Small Word. What does this mean? More riders per boat, which in turn makes for shorter lines and the ability to pump more people through faster.

The Monorail has been confirmed as not being available for park hopping.

YES! Parking hopping starts today with a slight alter to it. You may park hop starting at 2:00 pm and if the parks have the availability! If this doesn’t make you smile, well it should! Disney starting out the New Year with a gift for us all.

Disney World: Park Hopper Information

The Park Hopper option allows Guests to visit more than one park per day. Guests must make a theme park reservation via the Disney Park Pass reservation system for the first park they plan to visit. After entering that first park, Guests will be able to visit the next park starting at 2 PM until each park’s regularly scheduled closure. The ability to visit a park is subject to the park’s capacity limitations. At this time a park reservation is not required after the first park, however, reservation requirements are subject to change.

Tron ride now has tracks, walls and the canopy has begun to go up and take shape. Bringing us one step closer to opening.

New Year’s Eve was fully booked for all passes. This is incredible given that they didn’t even do fireworks or keep the parks open until midnight.

Animal Kingdom has removed attractions and shows that are no longer available due to the pandemic from their maps/guide.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover has been confirmed as reopening on January 9th.

Polynesian refurbishment is quite extensive, this is reported to continue into summer to switch over to a Moana theme. Does this mean they are evicting Lilo and Stitch?

Disney Pixar’s new film Soul was released on Disney+ I had the pleasure of watching it last night. It was pretty cute, unfortunately not cute enough to hold my attention. I will have to give it a shot again this weekend.

The Haunted Mansion has added something new to its gates… A lit-up Gargoyle. Disney’s small way of continuing to bring change throughout the parks.

No more free Magic Bands for Disney World Resort guests? Disney is now charging $5.00 per magic band for those free Magic Bands. If you don’t wish to pay for the Magic Bands that’s fine too. When you check-in at the front desk they will have a key card there for you that does absolutely the same thing as the Magic Bands.

Starting January 1st, souvenir tags will no longer be mailed out to guests, you can still pick them up and the front desk.

Permits Filed

New permits were filed for both Cinderella’s Castle (Minor refurbishments) and The Swiss Family Tree House (Much needed overhaul). More updates? Yep!

New Merchandise

New D23 member gift

Holiday merch is still on sale in parks 30% and up to 70% off. ShopDisney.com also has a large amount of holiday merch available.

Holiday face masks are 30% off, though I’m not really sure if we will need them for Christmas next year. They are cute, but perhaps a waste of money? I’m still fighting myself on this one.

Enjoys 40% off for the Twice Upon A Year Sale and free shipping at ShopDisney.com

New 2021 merch has emerged on ShopDisney.com and I love it! I absolutely love the new Mickey series and the new animation. Some folks really don’t like it but I think it’s adorable and the series is hilarious even to adults. It reminds me of when cartoons were actually funny.

ShopDisney.com has also dropped a new Cat and Dog line. Highlighting the Cats and Dogs of Disney films.

New Toy Story and Monsters University jewelry has hit the shops at Disney World. Folding fans with Cinderella’s Castle and The Haunted Mansion have also shown up in parks, I have yet to find them online… Bummer…

A new Coach x Disney series has arrived, I have to say I’m not really digging it. I really liked their last design, but this one not so much.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, the year of the Ox gear will become available January 4th.

This concludes this weeks Disney’s round-up, I hope I didn’t leave anything out!

Stay safe, stay happy, and smile… It’s a whole new day and a whole new year, lets make it our best yet!

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