Disney100 Celebration at Disneyland

Hey everyone, we had the pleasure of going to Disneyland on the opening day for the Disney100 celebration and we were able to experience the new ride Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad. In this post we will go over everything that we experienced while we were there and what you can expect if you decide to go during this celebration.

Disney100 Decor

Let’s start out with the new Disney100 decorations. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking in from the Mickey and Friends parking garage, a Disney resort or an off-property hotel, there are new beautiful banners hanging from the lights consisting of the dark purple and platinum.

In Downtown Disney you’re going to see the big 100 Medallion by the water fountain, make sure to stop by and take pictures in front of it. The Medallion is absolutely stunning! Other than that, you’re not really going to find too much of the Disney100 decor outside of the parks until you reach the park entrances.

Both Disneyland and California Adventure entrances have had a small facelift consisting of the 100 Medallion up top along with draping banners and stars.

Disney100 Disneyland Decor

Once inside Disneyland you’ll notice the Mickey head out in front of the Disneyland Railroad has also been updated with the Disney100 colors which are purple and platinum.

Once you pass under the bridge you will see all of the banners still hanging from the lights along with new banners draping from the buildings.

On Main Street USA Disneyland has also added a platinum Mickey Mouse statue to take photos with right there in the square. The platinum Minnie Mouse statue is located near the entrance of Tomorrowland near the castle.

The castles decorations have also been updated with new banners and draping fabrics along with the 100th Sheild and Sleeping Beauty’s 3 good fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. Disneyland has also added two new fountains to each side of the bridge that turn on sporadically throughout the day.

The Disney Gallery Presents: Disney100 Years of Wonder

Explore an exhibit that showcases Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park attractions based on Disney films—and shines a spotlight on original attractions that have, in turn, inspired Disney films of their own.


The monorail has been updated with a brand-new wrap with the fab 5 and the Disney100 colors, holographic platinum and deep purple! It is stunning in the sunlight; you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

Fireworks-Wonderous Journeys

Gaze in wonder as Sleeping Beauty Castle and Main Street, U.S.A. become a marvelous canvas for 100 years of Walt Disney Animation Studios storytelling. Thrill as talented artists transform empty pages brimming with possibility into beloved Disney characters and vivid animated worlds awash with magic.

All of this and more is brought to life by soaring music, stunning state-of-the-art projection technology—and on select nights, sensational pyrotechnics!

Wondrous Journeys is an enchanting celebration of the wishers, dreamers and artists at Walt Disney Animation Studios who have shared their imagination and talents with the world.

California Adventure Disney100 Decor

California Adventure did get some of the Disney100 decorations. The entrance had the same banners draped and the big Medallion that’s also located on Disneyland’s entrance. As far as the decorations throughout the park, there wasn’t really much. Some of the stores and restaurants had banners and small Medallions or stars on both the outside and the inside. There was also another big Medallion right off of Buena Vista St. to take photos with, but most of the decorations at California Adventure are for the Chinese New Year celebration.

California Adventure Disney100 Medallion

World Of Color

It takes only a single ripple to make a huge impact. After all, a ripple can generate a wave—and a wave can power an ocean of change.

Many Disney and Pixar characters have dared to make waves and change their world for the better. In World of Color – ONE, their stories take center stage—unfolding amid a breathtaking blend of dancing water and incredible special effects.

World of Color – ONE celebrates the rich storytelling legacy begun by Walt Disney a century ago, bringing to spectacular life moments from favorite films including The Lion KingMoanaRatatouilleSoulStar WarsThe Avengers and more.

How to View World of Color – ONE

The roped-off, reserved viewing areas offer the best vantage point to fully experience World of Color – ONE. All reserved viewing areas for World of Color – ONE are standing-room only.

In order to enter the reserved viewing areas, Guests must present one of the following:

Additional viewing for each performance is located around Paradise Bay on a first-come, first-served basis.

Disney100 Celebration Food and Snacks

As far as food and snacks go, the only restaurant to offer anything for the Disney100 was Hungry bear Restaurant and they had a Potato and Cheddar Cheeseburger. I did notice that there were a couple of snacks such as the Minnie Disney100 celebration apple, decorated with purple and platinum sprinkles. We might see some cupcakes or cake pops with those same colors later on throughout the celebration.

Here is a complete list of the food and snacks offered during the Disney100 at Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney and Disneyland resorts as of February 1st.


Galactic Grill

  • Platinum Trifle

Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen

  • Minnie Disney100 celebration cake pop
  • Minnie chocolate cake pop
  • Minnie strawberry cake pop
  • Minnie Disney100 celebration apple

Edelweiss Snacks

  • Disney100 Thermo Tumblr with frozen slush

Hungry Bear Restaurant

  • Potato and cheddar cheeseburger

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

  • Platinum trifle
  • Mr. banks shortbread tart

Pooh Corner

  • Minnie Disney100 celebration apple

Refreshment Corner

  • Sparkling Violet drink

California Adventure

Bing Bongs Sweet Stuff

  • Minnie Disney100 celebration apple

Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream

  • Snickers Sunday

Flows V8 Cafe

  • Lemon chiffon pie

Pacific Wharf Cafe

  • Platinum trifle


  • Steamboat Willie Shake

Studio Catering Co

  • Old fashioned cream soda

Trolley Treats

  • Minnie Disney100 celebration apple

Downtown Disney

Marceline’s Confectionery

  • Minnie Disney100 celebration apple

Disneyland Hotel and Resorts

  • As of right now we didn’t see any food or snacks at the Disneyland Resorts to celebrate Disney’s 100.

Disney100 Merchandise

Most of the 100th celebration line can be found on ShopDisney.com. However, this can and probably will change throughout the year. Just like other celebrations, Disney will release several different celebration lines throughout the year to keep us coming back for more! I did not notice anything sold exclusively at the parks except for the items listed below.

Disney100 Merchandise Only at the Parks

  • Platinum Mickey Popcorn Bucket
  • Disney100 Popcorn Bucket
  • Refillable Disney100 Popcorn Bucket for passholders
  • Disney100 Mickey Mouse Sipper- $32.49
  • Disney100 Travel Tumbler with Lanyard $13.49
  • Disney100 Thermo Tumbler $13.49
  • Disney100 Stainless Steel Tumbler $28.99

The new platinum popcorn bucket along with the tumblers and sipper are all available in both Disneyland and California adventure.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

As I mentioned above at the beginning of the article, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad just opened today January 17th for the Disney100 celebration. This ride has been at Disney World now for a couple of years and has been a very popular ride since opening. Disney’s Imangineer’s have confirmed they make each theme parks rides unique and design all of their rides with a couple differences. For those of us that do not visit Disney World and or Disneyland very often, you may not notice these little differences at all.


As you are entering Toontown, there’s a new shiny sign hanging for the bridgeway! On the right-hand side near Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin, Roger Rabbits fountain has been removed and a new astroturf area has been added. While we are going to miss Roger Rabbits fountain, there were a lot of families utilizing this area to rest their feet or let the littles run wild. After spending so much time in a stroller, it’s nice to have an area where they can get their wiggles out.

Toontown 2023

The whole entire left-hand side of this land was completely blocked off and is still under major construction. The opening date for Toontown is March 8th!

The Ride

As far as comparing the two rides, Disneyland and Disney World Cast members have stated that of course the biggest difference is the queue line and there are two extra rooms at Disneyland. To add to their observations, I also felt like Disneylands Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad was actually a bit quicker and had more movement. This could be because the ride is brand new or it could be because it’s actually a different speed, I’m not really sure.

I’ve pulled up both videos from Disney World and Disneyland and put them side by side, I can tell you right off the bat that the opening video is exactly the same.

There are actually quite a few differences between the two rides, keep in mind the scenes maybe slightly different depending on if you are sitting at the front of the train or the back.

Here are the small differences we noticed:

The first tunnel

Disney World the tunnel has rocks the whole time.

Disneyland it’s bricks and then it turns into rocks. On the left-hand side there’s an area with paint buckets and a hidden Mickey. The wood in the tunnel is also different, and there’s also a railroad crossing sign near Mickey’s car.

After the tornado room

Disney World after the tornado scene you come to a room that has volcanoes.

Disneyland after the tornado scene you come to a room that’s more like a rain forest.

After you go down the waterfall and through the next room with the sea creatures, the octopus will pull the plug on the water.

After the plugs pulled

Disney World you’ll see more of the brick walls and the sewers on the bottom of the alley way.

Disneyland you’ll see a lot more pipes and sewer systems coming out of the walls.

In the mechanical room with the crusher

Disney World Minnie Mouse on the right-hand side is pulling levers, this area is all open.

Disneyland Minnie Mouse is still located on the right-hand side, but she looks like she’s in a cage.

After the carousel room

Disney World you’ll go directly to the picnic scene with Mickey and Minnie on the left-hand side and fireworks on the right side.

Disneyland you’ll go into a small room and then in a long barn the picnic scene with Mickey and Minnie is on the right and fireworks on left.


The Queue Line

Obviously, the biggest thing that has changed with this ride is the queue line. The props and posters are all from the Mickey and Minnie series on Disney+. We are huge fans of the show, so I was really happy to see all of the cool posters and very detailed props that go with it.

Disneylands Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad queue line is completely different from Disney Worlds. Their queue line is mostly outside in the hot sun and then you go inside the Chinese Theater and its basically just posters on the walls. There’s really not much to look at while you’re standing in line inside the building and even less while you’re baking out in the hot sun. Disneylands Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad queue is a huge improvement and definitely outshines Disney worlds.

To me, the highlight of this ride is actually the queue line, it’s absolutely spectacular and detailed. I think you’ll love it!

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