The NEW Avengers Campus

It’s good to be back at Disneyland and California Adventure! After nearly 18 months of being away, it seemed like we would never return. With all that closure time, Disney was able to finish up the construction on the new Avengers Campus. And to our surprise, they opened it early to California residents only. Yes, I’m not going to lie it did make me a bit salty but it is what it is. I’m just grateful to be here now and experience the magic again!

What Is There To Eat In The New Avengers Campus?

Food in this land is hard to come by because it really only has one restaurant, the good news is it’s not just mobile ordering anymore (See below for more information on mobile ordering). Disney has also added a standby line for those that want to try and get in to eat at a more convenient time.

When the new Avengers Campus made its debut, you had to be in the Avengers Campus land to order food. So if you didn’t secure an early boarding group in the virtual line for the new Spiderman ride (See more about the virtual queue line below), you would have to stand in a queue line for 1-4 hours in the morning just to get in the Campus. Only after you entered could you order your food and the pick-up times would not only fill up quickly but you would have to just hang around until it was your time to eat.

We are really glad to see this wonky system go! Now you are able to secure your pick-up time for lunch or dinner from anywhere in the park and there are more time frames to choose from. Not only that but there are no more lines to get into the Campus, you can just walk right in.

Pym Tasting Lab- It’s basically a bar, they have a lot of cocktails and beers to choose from. Just like Oga’s, you are going to see something fun and new drinks on the menu that you’ve never seen before along with a couple of snacks to choose from.

Pym Test Kitchen- Where the food is either too big or too small, portions are sharable if you aren’t too hungry. Serves breakfast lunch and dinner. Most of the items on the menu are hilariously huge or small.

We decided to try the Chicken Sandwich, Impossible Meatball with Pasta, and the Choco Smash Bar.

The Not So Little Chicken Sandwich was pretty overhyped. Yes the chicken patty was huge and the bun was tiny, but it really wasn’t that big of a sandwich. Two people could for sure share it, just keep in mind only one person is getting the bun! Disney did a great job at taking pictures on their website because we thought it was going to be much bigger!

The chicken was greasy, the coleslaw was crisp and the sauce had just a bit of spice. I didn’t even get to taste the bun because by the time I got to it, I was already full! I fully believe this sandwich would have tasted much better as just a regular-sized chicken sandwich, but we understand the theme behind it. The tater tots, as fellow reviewers have noted were the highlight of this meal. They were seasoned to perfection, hot and crispy just how I like it!

Would I eat it again? Probably not, it was just too greasy for my taste and needs more bun.

The Impossible Spoon Full Meat Ball was actually really good. And it was huge! It was about the size of a softball, it was so delicious that my daughter did not know there was no meat in it! This Meat Ball was seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Now the downside is the pasta… We were trying to think of what to compare this to that would accurately describe how it tastes and it’s about what you would get in an elementary cafeteria or in a cheap TV dinner. The sauce was bland and the noodles were mushy. The good news is, the meatball alone will fill you up!

Would I eat it again? Absolutely

The Choco-Smash Bar was really sweet! I read that some are considering this the new “it” snack that would hold its own against the Dole Whip. I think not. Sorry but this will never hold a candle to the Dole Whip.

Don’t get me wrong it was really good, it tastes like a Snickers cake in the form of a bar. There were layers of chocolate, peanut butter, nougat, caramel, and chocolate brownie. This is big enough to share between a family or 4 and sweet enough to give everyone a sugar high!

Would I get it again? Probably not, unless the kids beg for it. This was just way too sweet for me!

What Snacks Are There?

There also wasn’t a whole lot to choose from as far as snacks go. I have read mixed reviews in regard to both places and none of them swayed me to try either place.

Shawarma Palace- They serve both breakfast and lunch/dinner “snack” wraps for $12.99.

Impossible Breakfast Sha-warm-up is a Plant-based Breakfast Sausage and Egg Omelet Wrap with Dairy-free American Cheese and crispy Potato Bites, served with Spiced Maple Syrup.

New York’s Tastiest Chicken Shawarma Wrap, Garlic Spread, and Coconut Yogurt-Tahini Sauce with Pickled Vegetables.

Impossible Victory Falafel Plant-based Falafel and Cauliflower Wrap, Garlic Spread, Hummus, and Coconut Yogurt-Tahini Sauce with Pickled Vegetables.

Terran Treats offer 2 choices of snacks, the Sweet Spiral Ration and the Cosmic Cream Orb.

Sweet Spiral Ration- A Terran Pineapple Churro $5.75


Cosmic Cream Orb– A crisp Terran Cream Puff filled with Whipped Raspberry Cheesecake $6.25

The Sweet Spiral has not earned itself a very good reputation as being the best new snack in the park. I love everything pineapple, but I just can’t wrap my head around a pineapple-flavored Churro.

What Rides Are In The New Avengers Campus?

Webslingers: A Spider-Man Adventure

On this ride, you are helping Spiderman catch all the Spider Bots before they level up and take over the campus. How do you do this? By slinging spider webs at the bots to trap them.

Keep in mind, for the time being, this is a virtual queue line. You must download the Disneyland App and reserve your spot in line at 7:00 am or 12:00 pm.

If you do not know how to use the Virtual Queue, I suggest doing some research. These spots are reserved within 7 seconds, you need to be fast and know what you are doing!

Our Experience on Web Slingers

On our first day at California Adventure, I was able to secure a spot for the new ride at group 16 in the Virtual Queue line. We were called into line at basically rope drop, which I was not expecting. In fact, we were still at our hotel and in bed when our group was called. We jumped out of bed and did a mad dash, eating breakfast on our way to Disney. After entering the queue we waited maybe 10 minutes before we entered the first room.

In the first room, Peter Parker will fill you in on the latest invention and give you a brief background on what the Spider Bots are and what your mission will be.

After this pre-show is over, you will bere handed your 3D glasses and wait in another queue line for maybe another 10-15 minutes. The good news is you are indoors with air conditioning.

Once you wind down the queue line, you will then enter the ride. The purpose of this ride is to sling webs at the Spider Bots to catch them before they continue to multiply and take over the Campus. Some of the Spider Bots are worth more points than others and some even blow up when you sling your web at them. Look for the glowing Bots.

All in all, we thought it was a fun ride, fun enough to wake up early the next day to get us back in line for it one more time. This time, we were much further down the list at group 60. By then they had a 45-minute wait wrapping outside the building in the heat. So the lower the group number the better for sure!

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout!

If you have ridden the Tower Of Terror at Disney World or at Disneyland before it was converted, you will have a general idea of what this ride does! Well, it drops you several stories! Don’t be scared, you’re helping Rocket with his mission to break out the other Guardians all while listening to Peter’s playlist.

This ride is by far one of our favorite rides at Disneyland.

For an extra fun time, keep your hands up!

Meet And Greets

Ancient Sanctum- Meet the master of mystic arts, Doctor Strange, and explore the ancient ruins.

(We were able to see Doctor Strange and Thor in this area)

Avengers Headquarters- Meet several different heroes including Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Thor, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, The Wasp, and the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

(We were able to see Iron Man and Loki)

There were shows that took place throughout the day in this area. We were able to watch the Black Panther fighting off enemies on top of the Avengers building and the Warriors of Wakanda training in the middle area of the campus.

Here are the showtimes for these 2 shows, see below in the Spiderman area to see how we were able to pull up all of the showtimes.

Shopping Areas

There are 2 shopping areas within this land, along with a Kiosk where you can purchase your Spiderman or Avengers gear.

WEB Suppliers- This is where you will find Spider Bots and the Web Slingers accessories, located right in front of the new Web Slingers Ride.

Campus Supply Pod/Collectors Warehouse-Contains mostly Avengers gear, and is located at the end of the Guardians Of The Galaxy ride.

The Collectors Warehouse contains:

Super Hero kids’ costumes

Comic books

The latest Marvel DVDs

Super Hero costume-style and graphic T-shirts for kids and adults

Action figures, like Groot and the other Guardians

Toys for adventure play

Collectibles, including vinyl figures, trading pins, artwork, and figurines

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!-themed apparel and souvenirs

Robotic Spiderman

I was under the impression that Spiderman would just be flying from rooftop to rooftop throughout the campus. I’m not sure where I got this notion from but I was very wrong! Lol

The Spiderman show happens a couple of times a day just above the new Spiderman ride. Spiderman will usually start out at the front of the ride and move to the side to do most of his tricks. To see the animatronic/robotic Spiderman, you will need to stand on the side of the ride.

I had to convince everyone in our group that it was indeed a robot flying through the sky and not a real person in a suit, that’s how good and realistic this thing looks. I recommend catching this show twice, once so you can see the beginning and then another time from the side. There isn’t much shade in this area, so you may want to try and catch an earlier showtime.

I took 2 videos, the first one is from the side of the ride and if you look really closely you can see the robotic/animatronic Spiderman will launch between minutes 1:40-1:50. This is the only time the robotic Spiderman is launched throughout the show. The rest of the time it’s one of Disney’s amazing actors.

The second video was filled at the front of the right, notice how I wasn’t able to get the robot launch? Yeah, how disappointing! So make sure to stand to the side of the ride across from the graffiti wall.

When I spoke with a cast member about the showtimes for the Spiderman show, they did state that they were listed on the Disneyland App. I seriously looked everywhere within this App and was not able to locate the showtimes within the Avengers areas or anywhere else for that matter.

What I finally did was off of the main page, down at the bottom of the screen you will see a search area. Click on that as shown in the photo below.

After you click on the search bar, type in Spiderman and then click on The Amazing Spider-Man! as seen in the photo below.

From there it will take you to the list of showtimes for the Spiderman show!

Stick around after the show, Spiderman crawls down the side of the building to take pictures!

What We Thought Of The New Avengers Campus

It’s a great addition to California Adventure that provided a much-needed upgrade from Bugs Life Land. Some of you may remember the Bug’s Life Land. It contained a kiddie roller coaster, a food take-out ride that is basically the Inside Out ride, and the Bugs Life theater show.

Don’t get me wrong, the show and area was cute, but I didn’t think A Bugs Life was a strong enough movie to warrant a land based on it.

I will tell you, I would have been disappointed if I was one of those that waited hours to get into the Campus when it first opened. Only because it’s such a small area, with very little to do or see. Whereas the Star Wars Land actually immerses you into an entirely different planet. And Cars Land you feel like you are in the movie!

To Sum It Up

The Campus was hot due to the lack of shade, much like the rest of California Adventure, the food was just okay, and the land was almost too spread out.

The shows, character meet and greets and Web Slingers are really the highlight in this area. And the new Avengers Campus really shines at night, make sure to swing back around before you leave the park to walk through. I would start out at Cars Land and circle back into the Campus, both of those areas are really amazing at night.

What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy your time at the new Avengers Campus? Or did you feel like Disney missed the mark by just a little bit?

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