Grand Reopening of Disneylands Toontown

Disneylands Toontown has finally reopened after a year of being closed and a 10-day delayed opening. This vibrant land debuted 30 years ago to guests with interactive areas throughout and several rides for the little ones. Toontown is also where Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daise Duck, Donald and Goofy call home! If you are looking for a guaranteed meet and greet with the fantastic 5, you are sure to find them in Toontown.

One of the best things about Disney as a company is that they are constantly aware of what lands and areas around the parks need to be updated. Not only did Toontown need a serious facelift, but Disney also tool this opportunity to open up the land to add some special areas where the kids can just run wild and get their wiggles out!

“Mickey’s Toontown first opened 30 years ago, so there are generations of Disneyland Resort guests who have grown up with and made magical memories here. Walt Disney Imagineering set out to keep the essence of what makes Mickey’s Toontown special for so many, while evolving it for the coming generations of families who can’t wait to make new memories here.” 

-Jeff Shaver-Moskowitz

Let’s dive in and take a look at the new Toontown and everything it has to offer.

Animated attractions and entertainment 

Toontown has gained a couple of new attractions. Well, one is new and the other is reimaged. Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway finally made its debut at Disneyland just last month, though it has been at Disney World for several years. Take a look inside the newest ride at Disneyland and everything regarding the 100th celebration in our Disney 100 article. Gadgets Go Coaster has been reimagined into Chip ‘n’ Dales GADGETcoaster for a new fresh change to this fun kiddie coaster.

  • Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway – The very first ride-through attraction at Disneyland Resort starring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, this family-friendly adventure is full of surprising twists and turns. Guests travel through the hilarious hijinks of a “Mickey Mouse” cartoon short. Information on how guests can experience this attraction can be found on Disneyland.com. 
  • Chip ‘n’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster – Go nuts on a one-of-a-kind, fun-sized coaster created by the resident tinkerer of Mickey’s Toontown, Gadget Hackwrench. 
  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin – Board a zany taxicab and follow the adventures of Roger Rabbit. 
  • Disneyland Railroad – At the Mickey’s Toontown station, guests can board the steam-powered Disneyland Railroad for a scenic tour around the park.  
  • Character sightings – While visiting this whimsical world, guests may spot and take photos with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and some of their pals, including Pete. 

Interactive play areas 

Imagineers have really outdone themselves with the new Toontown keeping all guests in mind when they recreated this space. All areas throughout Toontown are wheelchair accessible including its slides and play areas. Not only are they creating a fun environment, but they have also kept in mind that kids can get over stimulated at the parks. So, what they’ve done is toned down the paint colors, added shady quite spots, spa-like musical scores and eliminated loud noises that can frighten children who have sensitives.

Goofy’s new play yard features a sound garden filled with musical bridges and melons, a climbable clubhouse with slides. The unique thing the imaginers have added is roller slides at the bottom of the slides to help children not get stuck at the bottom and also accommodates guests who might need more time to get back into wheelchairs. Inside Goofy’s home, kids will be able to play games and watch the kinetic balls move throughout the space.

Over at Donald’s Duck Pond you’ll find a tugboat that spits out water and has spinning water lilies, balance beams and rocking toys. Inside the boat, kids can help Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby with a leak in the hull, turning wheels and levers to push the water outside. Don’t be surprised if your kids come out soaking wet! This a great area for the little ones to get out their wiggles and cool in the heat.

  • CenTOONial Park – The first space guests will see when they enter the land, this open area features a fountain with water tables designed for play, and a dreaming tree with sculpted roots for children to crawl around and explore. 
  • Goofy’s How-To-Play Yard – Included is a whimsical sound garden that makes wacky noises, and a new clubhouse. Inside Goofy’s House, guests can help operate an interactive candy-making contraption only Goofy could imagine. 
  • Donald’s Duck Pond – This area helps kids get the wiggles out and make a splash. In the pond, Donald’s Boat is perched among larger-than-life spinning water lilies, balance beams and rocking toys. Explorers can look into the boat’s portholes to witness bubbles of fun inside featuring familiar ducklings Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby. 
  • Mickey’s House and Minnie’s House – Guests will discover playful gags and special surprises in every room of their cartoon homes. When they’re home, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse may also be available for photos and autographs. 

Dining and shopping 

The dining options in this area have changed a little bit to include a variety of options that are more appealing to the mature palates.

Cafe Daisy, while not a new restaurant will now include several new items to the menu such as the Pepperoni Pizza Flop Over, Daisy’s Dressed-up Dog, Spring Garden Wrap, Specialty Cold Brrr-ew coffee and Honey-mango Sweet Tea.

At Good Boy! Grocers, guests can pick up grab-and-go drinks, snacks and novelties. You’ll also find the Perfect Picnic Basket which includes up to three snacks and a drink. Kids can choose from a variety of options including hummus, pickles, granola bars and even apple slices. Or Enjoy a refreshing Picnic Time Watermelon Lemonade in the shade while the kids play.

Guests can pick up the cutest picnic blankets, T-shirts and exclusive Toontown merch at EngineEar Souvenirs.

  • Café Daisy – Acclaimed culinary expert Daisy Duck’s sidewalk table eatery serves up delightful diner classics, including a plant-based option. Guests can mobile order food and beverages from this location with the Disneyland app.
  • Good Boy! Grocers – A variety of grab-and-go drinks, snacks and novelties are available at this friendly roadside stand. Available while supplies last, the Perfect Picnic Basket novelty includes up to three snack-sized items for a perfect outing in Mickey’s Toontown. For even more mealtime fun, guests can add on the Perfect Picnic Blanket to go with their baskets. 
  • EngineEar Souvenirs – The hobby shop of Mickey’s Toontown offers a selection of merchandise featuring Mickey Mouse and pals. This location offers merchandise mobile checkout, which enables guests to scan and pay for select items right from their phones using the Disneyland app. 

Our take

To be completely honest, we didn’t see much of a difference between the newly reimagined area and the old Toontown. Yes, it’s different but still somehow the same. The colors are the same color pallet as before. A new much needed paintjob did wonders for Toontown, it was looking pretty sad and faded before the closure. There were so many guests in this area on opening day that it was really hard to get anywhere or utilize any of the new picnic area. Not to mention the strollers all over the grassy areas. Without much room to enjoy the new menu from Cafe Daisys or the cute Picnic Basket.

If you’re planning to visit over the next couple of months, expect lots of crowds and an extended wait time to try Cafe Daisys.

Overall, the Disney team did a great job updating this area and we hope Tomorrowland is next on the list!

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