Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Update.

Hey guys! I wanted to keep you as updated as possible with what is happening right now inside Star wars: Galaxy’s Edge. So as of right now until June 24th, you need reservations to enter this portion of the park. June 24th marks the last day for reservations, thank goodness!!! I am pretty positive reservations sold out within the first available date. There was a workaround for this if you stayed on-site at one of the 3 Disneyland resorts you would automatically receive a voucher for one day with your stay. I just hopped on Disney’s website to see what was still open and most days are completely sold out.

For those of you that don’t know yet, Galaxy’s Edge is the biggest expansion Disney has ever had. This land includes 14 acres of adventure through the grungy planet of Batuu. There are currently 3 areas including the Resistance, First Order, and Village.

Park guests will be able to build their own Droids and Lightsabers as well as interact with aliens. And as of right now, guests can step into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon for an unforgettable interactive experience. This exact replica is more than 100 feet long and will take you and 5 others on a 4-minute adventure into space.

How will Disney manage crowds in Galaxy’s Edge:

If you have reservations to enter Galaxy’s Edge before June 24th, you will receive a 4-hour window. You can then choose how you would like to roam this new park. After 4 hours, your wristband will expire, you will no longer be able to explore the new ride or gift shops. You will be completely cut off. Employees dressed as Star Wars characters will politely ask you to make your way to the exit. Rumor has it that there may be Storm Troopers or First Order Offices that will ask you to move along.

The walkways have been widened in this area from 3 feet to 6 feet throughout the new park. Disney has also created over 7500 new stroller parking areas throughout the expansion and a new pedestrian bridge.

June 24th Disney will implement a new virtual queue. This will allow you to hold your reservation in line while enjoying the rest of the park until your return time. You must be in the Disneyland park to take advantage of the virtual queue. This is going to alleviate a lot of overcrowding and those long 4 hour wait times for just one ride.

What is there to do in Galaxy’s Edge?

Fly the Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run- Once aboard the ship you will take the controls as either a pilot, a gunner, or a flight engineer on a mission. You’re not just a passenger but the center of a story, it unfolds around you and responds to the way you engage it.

ANAHEIM, CA – MAY 29: The Millennium Falcon sits outside the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. ((Photo by Jeff Gritchen/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images))

Build a Lightsaber– Constructing a lightsaber is a rite of passage in the life of a Jedi, Guests in Savi’s Workshop will feel the Force as they craft their very own lightsabers. Savi’s Workshop is an interactive experience, show, and part retail. You will get to build the lightsaber you’ve always wanted!

Build a Droid Inside the Droid Depot– Guests will have the chance to build and customize their own Droid at the Droid Depot. Patrons pick pieces and parts off a conveyor belt to construct one of two core models (R-series or BB-series), which can then interact with elements throughout the new land.

Let your Droid roam free in designated areas.

Enjoy Blue or Green Milk from the Milk Stand- Ever wonder what blue milk tastes like? The Milk Stand in the Black Spire Outpost marketplace offers both Blue and Green Milk, two tasty frozen blends with vaguely fruity accents.

Drop by for a Drink at Oga’s Cantina– This notorious watering hole is a place where you can enjoy exotic beverages served in unique vessels, and listen to musical entertainment from DJ R-3X. Disney’s goal was to create a place so authentic—so real—that when guests step inside, they feel like they’re in a Star Wars movie.

Grab a Bite to Go at Ronto Roasters-This marketplace stall offers mouthwatering Ronto Wraps and sweet-or-spicy Nuna Turkey Jerky, and specialty beverages.

Explore all 3 areas of Batuu

Hack Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge with the Play Disney Parks Mobile App– When accessed inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the app transforms guests’ mobile devices, allowing them to scan the contents hidden inside containers, translate languages, and eavesdrop on local communications.

Take home a new critter from the Creature Stall

Be on the Lookout for Star Wars Characters– Keep your eyes open for heroes of the Resistance or agents of the First Order.

Explore the Black Spire Outpost Marketplace- Here you’ll find vendors showcasing wares from across the galaxy. Guests can buy authentic Batuuan attire at Black Spire Outfitters, start a collection of rare artifacts at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, or peek into the cages in the Creature Stall.

Get your Star Wars gear before you go! Shopdisney.com has all of your favorite gear, whether you are part of the Resistance or the First Order. Shop online before you go for sales and deals so you don’t have to pay full price in the park! Who doesn’t want to save money?!

Are FastPasses available for Smugglers Run?

No, there are currently no FastPasses or MaxPasses available for this new ride. I do have a complete list of rides that are eligible for FastPasses for you to view.

When will Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance open?

Disney has not released a specific date, only that it will be later on this year.

What would you like to see added to the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge? Personally, I’m hoping for a ride much like Pandoras Flight Of Passage, but with speed racers!

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